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  • ✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔

    ✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔

    Holy Sheet Check this out http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=10148 You can know wear a burning TC IRL
  • ☣Long218☢


    got charged back $477. Fuck this. http://puu.sh/2kEIG
  • Crabislav


    Guys, I need 28 buds ASAP, quickselling my clean moon modest for 28 pure only, tell your friends if anyone interested, remember, another clean modest was sold for 45 in unusuals by Brian [MCT] on outpost (add him and ask yourself). REALLY NEED BUDS.
  • Vince_


    http://i.imgur.com/S6v2N9v.png Really, scrap.tf? Really?
  • ✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔

    ✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔

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