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  • Diamond jozu

    Diamond jozu

    i know this item has been around for a long time but i've always wondered on why wouldn't valve add the 'cadet visor'(from the invasion case) add as an unusual form.it looks just like the bonk boy but invasion version..what would you think about this if this could actually get added?

  • rafiozol


    dzień dobry, mam takie pytanie: kiedy będzie dostępna strona przetłumaczona na język polski? jeżeli mnie pamięć nie myli to scrap.tf jest przetłumaczony na parę języków więc backpack.tf powinien tym bardziej być przetłumaczony.

  • JayTee


    Where are my norway boys? Found out im 3% norway-ish... thats not a word but yeah (I would say nordic but it specfically says norway lmao)

  • ksolis01



  • thecityburns2day


    I'm testing a couple strawberry cake recipes for cake pops for an order I got in late November. What kind of chocolate should go with them - white, milk or dark (include % dark too)? Customer was just like " I trust your judgement on the chocolate" and I'm just like fuuuu make it easy pls.