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    can we hit 

  • Tako


    This is the joke video by Playstation making fun of the rumors that Xbox One wouldn't allow used copies at the very start of the current console generation.

    If Sony continues to censor games on the PS4 (while other platforms stay true to their original design), I wonder if Microsoft, Nintendo, or PC platforms will make a joke video about "How to play uncensored games" before the start of the next console generation.
    I've already seen the Steam store page of one game touting a feature that was taken out of the PS4 version.

  • Master of the Hellish Yard

    Master of the Hellish Yard

    Some dude posted a reddit link on my profile about some "giveaway" but it looks really suspicious. I went to take a look at the subreddit and it has like 6 year old accounts with no other comments commenting on the one giveaway post there. There's like an url for the steam account giving stuff out but it's not an actual steam ID.


    Don't know if this is like a new phishing method or just an elaborate troll because I'm not sure if there were any phishing links in there to begin with.

  • DanielDee


    where is the report a scam/bot section? There is one very rife at the moment. It has even lured one of my friends

    i have undoctored screenshot


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