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  • -=GHSUA=- Demoqueen Edan

    -=GHSUA=- Demoqueen Edan


  • RuffRyders


    Everything is slow, steam trading lags like shit, backpack.tf is slow, bazaar has lag spikes and outpost cant properly load a backpack..

  • C! Awgust

    C! Awgust

  • A Delicious Cashew

    A Delicious Cashew

    how much do you guys think a miami nights headwarmer is? roboactive is like 12, memory leak and overclocked are 3, and some guy is qs disco at 12 and bought it for a gbh wraith wrap? anti freeze is like 11

  • ThatOtherChigga #Mack

    ThatOtherChigga #Mack

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