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  • 3.50


    TT servers lately have been full of some of the very worst people that I've ever encountered.  And I've waded through almost 200 tours of 2 Cities with mostly randoms, so that's saying something.

  • Mew2!


    I accidentally got someone scammed...

    Now i feel guilty.

  • Wokath


    feels weird missing these Unusual Pricing Event when before I got genuinely excited for them.

  • Diamond jozu

    Diamond jozu

    just saw this



    what does this crate contain?i know it contains the old and rare festive weapons and some hats but just wanna know what it has.i've never even seen this crate being unboxed on youtube from any old videos

  • Vrakos Anthrakir

    Vrakos Anthrakir

    Anyone else ever gotten an automated email from steam  about "a query made by a Steam user to discover all account names associated with this CD key."

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