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  2. team fortress 2 gameplay!

    im new. need help in the world of trading

    honestly, trading is going to shit. if the heavy update doesn't drop , and the key's price don't drop, trading will die.
  3. SportsGuy63

    Kashmir Conflict

    What are your guys thoughts on Kashmir and the conflict between India / Pakistan? Personally, I think it's rightfully a Pakistani area, and India stole it. I'm not sure why the conflict is so huge, as India should realize this and hand the land over. Opinions?
  4. Today
  5. Apeiron


    Looks like I will not be able to sell those stupid inflated keys before Halloween. Classic.



    "When nothing is left to do, you only have to do the things within the choice you have on the things you have done"


  7. BlastFM

    Help I'm dumb

    Hello Nico, I'm Blast
  8. ѕιи



  9. phenompak



  10. Nico

    Help I'm dumb

    Hello dumb, I'm Nico
  11. <blank>

    Who outbid me?

    Thanks for the reply. I hope this will be added, because it is way more easier and hence practical. Your recommendation might work however with that way you need to make a blanked alert for every item you are looking for and that means 70 items need to be visited-priced (ok lets say personal decision). In addition to that, bots/people auto update their listing by using external programmes like i've mentioned above by 1 scrap to 1 key = looping = notification spam. This is inevitable if you ask me. However with a simple button below Matches, this can be solved easily. Of course i don't know the behind the scenes, coding etc. Hope it is not complicated and will be added soon.
  12. Diamond jozu

    Diamond jozu

    no one:


    bp.tf: lets use this GIF

    1. puddingkip


      smh calling sportsguy63 a nobody

  13. Sprekt

    Trying to get into trading

    Just don't bother
  14. Jessecar

    Overwatch Updates Patch

    Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – July 18, 2019 A new patch is now live on Windows PC. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug that could cause updates to the chat feed to cause hitches in game performance. View the full article
  15. DanielDee

    Help I'm dumb

    Im not sure but i think any existing trades that are placed. ie before you added the trade offer URL will be in the old format. You also have to add the URL to your settings page not individual trade create listing pages. One you have added it to the settings page https://backpack.tf/settings any future trades will have the trade offer URL automatically completed. You just have to ensure the check box on the create listing page is checked.
  16. JayTee


    I guess my status update worked. Cheers whoever bought it

  17. mastikhor


    great ! more time

  18. Sniper Noob

    Time to buy altcoin! XRP,ADA,NEO,LTC....

    Curious as to exactly why you all think altcoins are "cheap". What valuation metric are you using other than the fact that they went down 50% last year?
  19. ThePickleCat



  20. shadyfan

    Help I'm dumb

    Go here: https://backpack.tf/settings Paste your trade offer URL and then click "Save Settings". The majority of people that fail to set their trade offer URL forget to press the "Save Settings" button.
  21. Yesterday
  22. DRIFTA

    Help I'm dumb

    probably means when his classified shows the add button rather than the arrows for a trade offer
  23. Captainfluffy

    Help I'm dumb

    Have you tried turning it on and off again?, srs note tho what do you mean by: my trades require to add me
  24. Congratulations to the six teams that have earned the right to join the twelve DPC standouts in battling for the Aegis of Champions. Mineski, Royal Never Give Up, Natus Vincere, Chaos Esports Club, Infamous, and Forward Gaming have all emerged from the Regional Qualifiers as worthy additions to the field of the world’s finest Dota teams. Now that the final list of eighteen teams is set and preparations in Shanghai are well underway, it’s time to explore The International 2019 Compendium. To get started, Battle Pass owners are invited to unwrap Player Card Packs and begin assembling the perfect rosters for this year’s Fantasy Challenge. You can also select your Favorite Team to unlock customized emoticons, effigy banners, team sprays, team balloons in place of your sky snakes, and special Teleport effects. The Teleport effects even have upgraded versions for players who collect a full set of a team’s silver or gold cards. The International Compendium also includes Hero, Team, Player, and Tournament Predictions. Test your knowledge of the professional scene by correctly predicting the meta of the tournament before the first draft begins. The more results you correctly predict, the more Battle Points that await. All you need to do is choose. View the full article
  25. orrmobl

    Help I'm dumb

    no matter what i try, my trades require adding me. I put in my url and clicked the box and nothing. Any suggestions?
  26. orrmobl

    Help I'm dumb

    no matter what i try, my trades require adding me. I put in my url and clicked the box and nothing. Any suggestions?
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