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  2. Beaser

    7 Days tradelock on Dota2 items

    yay, trade lock on a game no one cares about
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  4. i just traded a few arcanas to a bot and i can confirm they are all untradeable for now. Tf2 keys will become the new currency for csgo items? Can we expect this tradehold of tf2 items soon? Well, just wanted to inform about it....
  5. t0night


    tf2 seems incapable of finding a game rn

  6. Crazyy Cow

    PC on spelled executioner

    That seems to be the general consensus, appreciate it.
  7. Henchman 21

    Henchman 21

    hearthstone arena is garbage

  8. SparkyYT

    Trading advice? Need help :P

    I really like Molten Mallard too, but I'm just speaking on a "how easy is it to sell" basis. Lantern and MM are easier than the other ones I listed, but are still very hard to sell quickly.
  9. The International Battle Pass has arrived, ready to fill your summer with the epic trappings of Dota and unveil an overflowing vault of seasonal features, effects, and extraordinary rewards. Check out the full Battle Pass website to dive into everything in store. You’ll be able to create Guilds and undertake group assignments; face a new daily dose of competitive Dota in the Battle Gauntlet; and eliminate specific enemy heroes for special Bounty Killing bonuses. With prizes awaiting you on the rewards line like a custom terrain; two hero-bending Pudge and Anti-Mage Personas; three new Arcana items for Wraith King, Queen of Pain, and Windranger; and so much more, the most-anticipated season in Dota has now begun. Please note that Immortal items from The International 10 Battle Pass—including Ultra Rares—cannot be traded or marketed until The International 11 Battle Pass concludes. Until then, each item can be gifted once. As for The International itself, we will continue to monitor the global situation and will announce new dates when we can be confident in our ability to deliver a safe and uncompromised tournament for the players and fans. As always, 25% of all Battle Pass sales will go directly to the prize pool of this event. View the full article
  10. Flamadin

    Trading advice? Need help :P

    I like molten mallard on pyro stuff. Also lantern is better than just about any non-retired effect (other than God tier) for rarity purposes at least.
  11. SparkyYT

    Trading advice? Need help :P

    Exceptions apply. Avoid newer hweens, and select olders like cbubbles, eofire, flantern. Avoid robos like electrostatic and power surge. Avoid molten mallard from eotl.
  12. SparkyYT

    Trading advice? Need help :P

    Buy keys, but try and sell your skins on a different website for cash and buy the keys through marketplace.tf as they're cheaper and tradeable instantly. Best place to go for trades is the servers Vatican or Firepowered. Quicksells are abundant if you know where to look Scrap.tf auctions is good too/
  13. goon

    Trading advice? Need help :P

    sell everything, get pure and quickbuy hween/robo/eotl effect stuff (low-mid tier)
  14. it'd be cool to have a system that could scan the amount of keys and metal you have in your inventory and then reccomend you sell orders equal to or below the amount you have, and also have a graph for item prices on the main page so users could predict trends in key/metal/bud prices
  15. Shinokage

    Need help with pricing of mann up items

    Thanks a lot Mikers! Next time I'll know!
  16. thE siLEncE

    Free Showcase Posters till the 18th! (CLOSED)

    Thanks so much!
  17. lieutenantnightly

    Free Showcase Posters till the 18th! (CLOSED)

    I usually dont mess around with the killstreak eyes alot, so if i messed it up somehow(like the pose for the eyes) please tell me lol
  18. Mikers

    Need help with pricing of mann up items

    For KS kits just go off marketplace.tf or steam community market prices. The only time you don't is if it's either Team Shine sheen or Fire Horns killstreaker, both sell for a fair bit more. TS + FH sells for quite a lot more.
  19. So, I wanna get back into trading again, on my other account I have $90 ish in CSGO items, I plan on selling them on the steam market and getting either keys or an unusual and trading it to this account, what should I do in 2020 to trade? Look for quicksells or are quicksells a rare find nowadays lol. I also have a 9 key spy unusual, just putting that out there xd
  20. Shinokage

    Need help with pricing of mann up items

    Thanks a lot mate!
  21. Vebster

    TF2 Blog United Dodgeball League New Season

    cool 24k is a lot
  22. Flamadin

    Need help with pricing of mann up items

    Just sell them in Steam Community Market. If they were team shine, then that might be a little more than the baseline price. You should see a chart when you sell an item that shows actual sale prices for the past month.
  23. Zeus_Junior


    You know I been tryna work it (yeah, yeah)
    You know ain't nobody perfect (yeah, yeah)

  24. AntitKum

    New trader

  25. Piman

    What's people's attitude to escrow users here?

    I find it really depends on the trader. Quite a lot of people are actually okay with escrow even if its a regular trade.
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