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IMPORTANT: Trading Forum Rules

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Link Your Steam Account

Due to abuse, all posters using the trading forum must link their Steam account to their forum account. If you have not done so, the settings for it are over here. You must also make your steam profile completely public.


Any users banned from trading on the main site cannot post trades in the forums until their ban has been successfully appealed.



Fake or joke offers damage the usability of the trading section. Only post serious offers, and use the report function if you see a joke offer — offering 3 keys on a 5 bud unusual or a single common crate on a strange weapon only creates clutter.



This forum is for cash trades only. If you are only taking offers in items, use the item trading forums. If you are taking offers in both items and cash, then use this forum.


Users are currently limited to two threads each for this forum. Any excess threads will be locked. Please only make a single thread covering the same type of trade instead of constantly re-making new threads or making duplicate threads in other sub-forums. Use the "bump" feature if you need to refresh a trade. If your trade has been archived for being more than a month old, then you may make a new thread.


Do Not Sell Accounts

Even without the legal problems this causes, selling accounts is an extremely shady practice and the mods do not condone it. CD Keys are less of an issue, but you should still be extra cautious when buying them.



This section of the forum has bump function allowing you to bump your trades without the need of posting a reply. This means you do not need to post every couple hours in a thread to bump a trade, simply click the bump button.


You may add a reply to your trades if you are responding to someone's questions or offers. Do not bump threads using posts: Any unnecessary replies will result in a locked topic. Do not make duplicate threads to avoid bump limits or to appear on the front page again. Repeat offenders may be banned at moderator discretion.


The current limits on bumping are pre-defined end enforced by the button itself, so you do not need to worry if you're following bumping timer rules or not when clicking the button.


Regular Member Limits4 hours limit on bumps

Premium Member Limits2 hours limit on bumps


Price Checks

Price checking has it's own thread in the Economy section. Please place all requests for pricing there.


Closing your trade

Please close your trades once the item is no longer available. Locking threads prevents any further replies; users may lock their own threads and edit their posts to indicate an item is no longer available.


If a thread is locked be sure to doublecheck that the user has the items before adding them.


Reporting trades

Please help us keep the trading section clean. If you see a problem with a listing, please use the report button instead of responding directly to the trade and let our moderation team handle it. Examples of things that can be reported would be: offensive content, rule evasion, phishing links, trade trashing. Examples of things that should not be reported: You not agreeing with the price or you not liking the colours used.


Cases not listed here are at the discretion of the moderators

These rules are not comprehensive. The foremost concern of the moderation team is the safety of our users, and trades which have extenuating circumstances or grey areas will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Use the report function if you are not sure, or PM a mod if you need clarification about your trade ahead of time.

Any users banned from trading on the main site cannot post trades in the forums until their ban has been successfully appealed.

Any users banned from trading on the main site cannot post trades in the forums until their ban has been successfully appealed.

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