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Application: TheProcave [Discord]

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TheProcave    325
  • Your age

17 y/o as of September 2017.

  • Your geographical location


  • How long have you been using backpack.tf

4 years according to my suggestion, but it's more like 5 years.

  • Time you are able to devote to moderation on a daily/weekly basis

In the weekends atleast 6 hours, in a normal week atleast 4 hours and on holidays again 6 hours.

  • Why you want to be a moderator?

The reason I want to be moderator is really to help people, I've always liked helping people, even if it takes time away from another thing, I still enjoy it, I'm always open to questions about trading and such.

If it wasn't for backpack.tf I would still be unaware on how to trade properly and if I didn't know how to trade properly I wouldn't get the chance to help people with trading, backpack.tf has helped me tremendously (especially the moderators), and I'd like to return the favour, and maybe help/inform another person and see them aspire for the greater good.

  • Are you currently an admin/mod elsewhere?

Yes, I am currently Server Moderator on stntrading.eu, I'm also a Support Agent on stntrading.eu, which is just support chat, to help people out if they encounter problems with the website.

I am also a Broker and Moderator for the Posh Broker group.

  • Past experiences as an admin/mod

I did moderate a couple of facebook groups which are located where I live, but they got shut-down.

  • Have you ever been trade banned or tagged as a scammer on steamrep?


  • Include any additional information that could help you

I am currently still working on a Scam Website Guide, which should be out in atleast a month (Haven't had much time for that) so be on the look-out for that!

Sorry if my English is a bit bad!

  • Include a link to your backpack.tf profile


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.chemo    8

Good luck! I hope you get the position. This community always needs more (good) mods like you!

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Woifilicious    1846

There are more things to this, but our biggest concern is that you are not mature enough to be a moderator on our site.

Sure, if you pull yourself together you can be, but I wouldn't wanna risk one of our discord moderators going around posting "memes" about Gay/Muslim/Jews or anything in that direction.

Mods represent the site and we do not want to represented in such a light. And that's why I'm going to decline this app.

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