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wts [S] Glitched o. planets bicorne, burning puffy polar, dblaze muffs, some other unusuals

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- Glitched Orbiting Planets B'aaarrgh-n-Bicorne; circles around the waist, not the head (have a TF2 screenshot for proof, you can also add me and see the effect in-game if we come to a deal before we trade). Have it listed for 60 pure or mixed/unusual overpay, but it's only a ballpark and definitely negotiable.

- Burning Flames Puffy Polar Cap, around 100 pure or mixed/unusual overpay.

- Darkblaze Tough Stuff Muffs I'm looking for 375 or great mixed/unusual offers, something I don't mind keeping.

- Circling Heart Sinner's Shade, around 26 pure or mixed/unusual overpay.

- Vivid Plasma Belgium Detective, around 32 pure or mixed/unusual overpay, might 1:1 with another spy unusual or even add slightly, it depends.

- Poisoned Shadows Desert Marauder, overpricing this one at 130 pure or great offers otherwise, since I'd rather keep, but putting it out there in case anyone wants it that badly.

- Burning Flames Puffy Polar Cap, around 100 pure or mixed/unusual overpay.

- a few Ghastly/Phantasm unusual taunts, have them listed but I'll just take offers here if anyone actually wants them.


Offer here or use trade offers - don't add please, except for the Bicorne if we come to a deal on that. Thank you for your time. The worst I can say to an offer is no thanks.

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