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wts Selling 7 Unusuals Including a Burning Flames Reindeer Hat and Tossle Cap!

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Ashannabuda    6

Hey guys, so I'm selling some unusuals listed here: 


Burning Flames Caribou Companion -450

Burning Flames Tossle Cap - 150

Amaranthine Field Practice - 80                        These Prices ARE Negotiable.

Orbiting Planets Team Captain

Blizzard Storm Company Mann -30

Searing Plasma Industrial Festivizer-22

Factory New Elite Grade Miami Elements -20

Strange Minimal Wear Assassins grade -20


Buying quicksells with 30 keys pure!


Any offers are welcome, I can take ANYTHING for the right price!. 

Please send me an offer: https://steamcommunity.com/login/home/?goto=%2Ftradeoffer%2Fnew%2F%3Fpartner%3D169286330%26token%3DIc2D0s6M

Add me If needed.



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