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wtb Buying Unusuals with Certain Effects

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Barakuba    29

Hi Guys,

Im looking to buy some unusuals with some unique/cool effects. Depending on the hat and the price, I may offer less, equal or (rarely) more than the backpack.tf price. Each hat is different for me. Nothing >60 keys, and GE and PE effects should be between 10-30 keys. IM ONLY INTERESTED IN THE EFFECTS BELOW:

The Effects I'm Looking For:

Green Energy, Purple Energy, Misty Skull, Secret to Everybody, Arcana, Spellbound, Cloudy Moon, Stormy 13th Hour, Death at Dusk, Morning Glory, Bonzo, DBD, Time Warp and Green Black Hole.

You can add me or post here xD


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Beaser    34

I have a spellbound birdcage, PE Festive tree, and a DBD Human Cannonball (all should be in your range). Add me and hmu if you are interested!

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