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wts Selling Trading Bots

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Price : 2 keys per month


Features : 

  • Auto accept friend requests
  • Commands
  • Admincommands
  • Remotely add a new item to the pricelist
  • Remotely remove a item from the pricelist
  • Auto accept trades from admins
  • Accept gifts
  • Idle games
  • Commenting on profile after a trade suceeded
  • Inviting trader to your group on trade succeeded (you have to be friends with the trader to invite)
  • Bot will run 24/7


Bots Available:

  1. CSGO skins <-> CSGO keys
  2. CSGO skins <-> TF2 metals/keys
  3. TF2 items <-> TF2 currency
  4. TF2 metals <-> Trading Card


Extra Details :
I currently have 6 acccount (TF2 not premium & Limited Steam Account) ready to trade. So it won't be able to comment on profile, unless you get yourself a spare account! It willl still do trades but TF2 have bp limit so Ill suggest this for for those who just want to do CSGO trades only. Alternatively, you can buy those account from me for 1 key per account, i wont help you remove the "steam limited account" neither getting premium on TF2. You can change phone number, email, password afterwards and make it yours. And i will send you the steam files (containing identity secret and stuff) to you for you to get full ownership

Add me for more details !


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