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wts Discounted Selling Unusual Circling Peace Sign Hermes (B/O 18 keys, C/O: Strange N&B Brown Bomber + 1 key) looking for offers!

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Lightning    2

Circling Peace Sign Hermes

(Cheapest On Market)

(Fresh Price Update!)


Discounted! B/O: 18 keys pure. More in unusuals.  Looking for offers!! Comment or add me!


C/O: Strange N&B Brown Bomber + 1 key
Past offers:

Smoking Airdog + key

Orb Fire Hot Dogger


-Clean (not duped/gifted)

-Cheapest on market. 
-1 of 3 on Market 
-Awesome hat for Scout! (high tier). 
-Very recent price update
-2nd Gen Effect (mid tier) 
-Quickbuyers buying for 16 pure! 

(Not.a quicksell)

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