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Buying Cheap Quicksells and Buying Pages of Backpacks with >>PURE<<

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Jomo    1

Buying Unusual Quicksells with 6 keys, I don't care what they are I will buy them. Backpack is here:



Buying pages of backpacks with pure for ~20% discount. I don't care what's in the page, I will still buy it if I can afford it. Add me if interested here:



Other things I'm buying:



Selling a Uncraftable Batter's Helmet (Painted a Deep Commitment to Purple) for 4.33 ref (10% off bp.tf price)

Send me offers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=209849074&token=3ASiW9WR



Thank you and happy trading





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Haxor Gaming    14
Haxor Gaming

You can't really buy quicksells with 6 keys. You would be better off buying a quicksell with 10 keys.

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