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wtb Buying Backpacks for TF2/CSGO Keys [Best Rates, Always Buying, No Limits]

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Ayab    11

Are you looking to CASH OUT? Are you looking for KEYS

Ayab's Backpack Selling Service is here to serve your needs!



I buy Backpacks/Inventories for TF2 or CSGO Keys!

I can also offer Paypal and BTC depending on whether I have the sufficient balances.

I've been buying backpacks for over 3 years! I have easily bought more than 300+ backpacks, but I have lost count.

I have bought bps worth well over $3500, including of a TF2Outpost Admin

No limits, I can buy bp as low as $10 to as high as I can possibly pay. 


There are three simple things you have to keep in mind:-

  • I am going to sell all your items over many small transactions, this takes both time and effort, for which I'll take a discount as a way of compensating myself.
  • I pay for what I can get out of your items, this means if I can sell your paint, parts, killstreaks, I'll take them into consideration.
  • Don't be afraid to tell me your price, if I can match it, I will. If I can't, I'll provide you my price. I have more than 3000+ Keys in stock over various accounts usually all the time. 


If you are looking for a value appraisal for your backpack or have any other questions, I prefer you ADD ME or send a TRADE OFFER as I don't check forums as often. 

Please be patient if I do not respond quickly, I'll contact you ASAP.





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timsburg    2

hi i added you on steam but i was wanting to sell my unu masked mender medi gun and dunno how much its worth. 

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