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Kevin the Chicken God

Quickselling 6 Unusuals up to 35% off

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Kevin the Chicken God    1398
Kevin the Chicken God

Selling these unusuals for pure or their bptf prices in unusuals


Vivid Gibus - 215 keys pure (90 key discount) - http://backpack.tf/item/3389202207

Holy Grail High Five - 120 keys pure (60 key discount) - http://backpack.tf/item/5336114244

Infernal Flames High Five - 55 keys pure (19 key discount) - http://backpack.tf/item/3943306793

Flaming Lantern Big Country - 33 keys pure (10 key discount) - http://backpack.tf/item/548027086

Kill-a-Watt Party Phantom - 32 keys pure (8 key discount) - http://backpack.tf/item/3504083250

Stormy Storm Stetson - sold




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Winterfuzz    2

Do you think you could do 30% off for the le party phantom?

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