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wts Have: 3 Unusuals Want: Nice looking hats

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Inspector☆Lag    0

Stormy Storm Merc's Mohawk - Valued at 105 keys

Stormy Storm Swagman's Swatter - Valued at 15 keys

Aces High TC - Valued at 65 keys


- I'm only looking for nice looking hats. Price does not matter as long as I can afford it and you're offer is reasonable and not outlandish.

- I prefer Moons, Bats, Pentagrams, Green Energy, Scorching, Vivid and Weather effects

- Do not offer any of the following unusuals: unpriced, extremely outdated or new effects.

- I'm also very interested in obtaining a double effect set

- I'm looking for all classes except Medic, Heavy, Demo and Engie, but I won't decline any great offers that involve unusuals for those classes. I however will not accept any sniper hats. (I have too many lol). I'm a fan of many winter hats except the brown bomber and I also like military or western-based hats (things like the western wear or the well-rounded rifleman).


Send your offers here ⬇ï¸(if you want anything besides the unusuals, please comment here before adding me)


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