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Selling My Overwatch Account For 13+ Keys

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HeavyTheDovahkiin    0

Im not sure where this belonged so I put it here.


First of all, im pretty sure this is allowed here. If it isnt, tell me and ill remove the thread.


Yes, im selling it for 13+ keys, which is below the 39.99 usd price for overwatch.
I grew bored of overwatch, so instead of letting it rot in my library, ill trade it for keys for myself, and my friend.
Minimum price is 13 keys, but a little more wont hurt, eh?
Account Details:
Excalibur(BattleTag Hidden)
Level 241
Rank: Gold/1978 SR (yes i suck)
525 Coins
1413 Conmpetitive Points
Account Origin: Malaysia
Limited Skins I Own:
Ghoul Ana
Tal Ana
Oni Genji
Dr. Junkenstein Junkrat
Selecao Lucio
American Mccree
Scrooge Mccree
Eidgenossin Mercy
Witch Mercy
Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy
Frostbite Pharah
Shiver Reaper
Coldhardt Reinhardt
Immortal Soldier: 76
Vampire Symmetra
Yeti Winston
Frosted Zarya
Skullyata Zenyatta
Nutcracker Zenyatta
I will NOT go first, as i do not want to get scammed.
After i obtain the keys, i will give you my email, blizzard password, email password and security question answer through steam message.
After trading, i will give the buyer 12 hours to make sure everything is okay, before i blow all those keys on hats.
IF the buyer is unhappy with the trade, i will send back all the keys, no questions asked.
I do not accept trade holds.
I am mobile authenticated.
Add me or comment if you are interested.
Steam Username:
This is my first BIG trade, so people may think im a scammer.
I am not. Im just simply trying to sell my overwatch account, for tf2 keys, a game i love.
IF under the impossible possibility that i DO scam you, report me. Make an angry post about me. Tell all my friends to remove me. I wont scam. Plus, if this trade goes well, ill get a big +rep on my profile, eh?
Thanks in advance!

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