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Bunny the Fluffy Slay3r

Upgrading my pistol to a strange black dahlia MW

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Bunny the Fluffy Slay3r    10
Bunny the Fluffy Slay3r

I have a strange FT blitzkrieg pistol (festivized, basic KS) and I want to upgrade it to a black dahlia for my scout set.

Requirements for Black Dahlia:

-Minimal Wear


Bonus points:


-team shine(if it has any other sheen I am not really interested unless I don't pay for it since I only want team shine); can add a bit more if it is just basic ks

-TF logo on the pattern(to match my night terror, but totally irrelevant)


Things I have for adds:

-1 pink and 2 lime paints(~1 key each)

-CS:GO stuff - not very valuable, but still there: p2000 amber fade MW, Souvenir sawed-off Irradiated alert BS with 4 stickers and other shit tier stuff


I also have a massed flies towering pillar so I am open to downgrading.

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