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[H]St Kara Autotronic BS [W] 149 keys

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sol!d.Abidu    23

* **Stat Trak Karambit Autotronic Battle Scared**

0.8363267183303833 / [2# highest float on st bs kara auto](http://imgur.com/h5TNOsW)

[ingame combo + spearmint gloves](http://i.imgur.com/9OhCFlI.jpg)


**b/o: 149  keys**


prices may be negotiable (but don't lowball :P)


no more than 20% vanilla/esports/revolver/winter/huntsman keys


send me a trade offer **[here](https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=1724156&token=Qmz8XzXV)**




[if you wanna check my previously gloves screenshots](http://okin89.imgur.com)



Might accept CSGO items with a reasonable overpay


Accepting tf2 keys with rate 6:5 csgo keys, just do the math

for cheaper stuff check my classifieds listings




not interested in tf2 unusuals , will consider Max head/Ausie offers / DON'T ADD ME TO OFFER UNUSUALS

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