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Nice Yams

Help guys. Is this a good trade?

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Nice Yams    11
Nice Yams

Someone is offering on my 1:1 Bonzo Rimmed raincatcher -roughly 55-58 keys along with my spectral swirl oblooterated taunt. The taunt is unpriced with people listing in the 30 key range. He's offering a clean sunbeams buccaneers bicorne worth 90 keys with 2 keys in sweets. I love my bonzo but I'd like to profit. Is this a nice deal?


Also I only paid 18k for the taunt. 55k for the bonzo

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Erik    423

Low tier taunts are usually hard to sell and I doubt that your Bonzo Rimmed Raincatcher is actually worth 90. Since you only paid 73 for these 2, I think it's a pretty decent offer. Perhaps try to get him to offer you more sweets.


Also please use status updates for trade checks or price checks. We'd be having 100 exta threads a day if everybody keeps making new threads for trade checks.

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