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What's changed for you since 1 year ago?

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TheProcave    317

Oh wow, another year huh.


+Gained gains

+Finally matured enough

+I've met a decent girl which I hang out with.

+Got into stocks, stock market & shares.

+Much more intelligent 

+Don't game that much anymore.

+Good grades

+Lost weight and gained some muscles

+Gained more friends

+Brokering alot more 

+More friendly

+Project is almost done

+Had a discussion with a good friend, Venomwithin


-Family members passing away 

-Losing a couple of friends due to lie's

-Be considered the 'weird' kid of my class, but I still manage around

-Have a feeling everybody talks behind my back about me, but innocent until proven guilty right?

-I lose alot of time with reading stocks and shares, newpapers are becoming more of a must for me, due to stocks.


That's pretty much it, got alot into economy even though I'm aiming to be a hotel manager later in my adult life.


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Zcrab    1045

+ I joined a political youth party and I've enjoyed it so far, and I think I might've found something I really want to do.

+ I'm getting better at making friends and acting at social events

+ Made new friends

+ Getting better at dressing


- Lost most of my old friends

- I did poorly in my physics exam, and now it's almost impossible for me to become an actuary

- My relationship with my mother is becoming worse, and I have no idea how to deal with it

- Turned 18, which means I now have bills to pay 

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Budi    368

+/- Quit my teaching job after 10 years of that career, which was a bold move to make

+ Started going back to school for a 2nd masters degree in data analytics/computer science to start a new career

+ Got a scholarship for this past semester to pay for all my tuition and books

+ Got my life and health insurance licenses to teach/sell insurance

+ Finally traveled back to England for the first time since I taught there in 2006, saw London, Salisbury, and Bath and Paris for the 3rd time. 

+ Wife and I found out we are having a baby next June

+ Kept improving with my rock band after playing together for 4 years

+ Started working on recording solo material which has been fun

+ Got 4 new pet rat boys who've been great

+ Attended Game 7 of the World Series when the Cubs won with my dad

+ Cleaned out our basement and listed a ton of old sports memorabilia on Ebay, made $3000

+ Sold more stupid TF2 shit I don't care about for $500


- Lucy and Penny (our girl rats) passed away

- This fucking TF2 pyro update is dog shit for not happening yet

- Got another year older - 35 which freaks you out when you're 5 years from 40.  

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Brian.    131

+ Quit trading and focused on getting better at the game

+ Started playing Paladins competitively

+ Had a lovely relationship with someone I met over TF2 and had a great summer meeting her

+ Started learning how to drive

+ Made more friends and became more confident

+ Started going to the gym and eating properly

+ Doing much better with my grades and focusing more on those

+ Got a new job with better pay


- Got fired from my first job (blessing in disguise kinda)

- Lost my relationship after a year

- No pyro update

- Nearly kicked out of my college for poor attendance

- Lost quite a few friends over me changing


Overall pretty peachy times for me, cant complain

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