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Worst trade offers

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ksolis01    175
On 11/23/2017 at 12:54 AM, Lila Mond said:

Less cancer than taunts.69f1001dd438fd4d6a27e4ac9dff18df.pngb3988e7e10ba6deceea30bd486a8363d.png20724a2a728d4b726be9d5ecbee0ff4f.pngfaad142034f9d63b22a7484eb1cfe862.pnge47813935b9c3331e232388db59b0c52.png20724a2a728d4b726be9d5ecbee0ff4f.png84068f80ebb4770dc925e6ff8583f8e3.png

I mean, the taunt market is going through a downturn that will leave it better than it was. Lower prices mean more people can afford them which means more money in general exchanging hands.

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RED265    74
50 minutes ago, ThePickleCat said:


offer him a scrap for his 5 ref and tell him to keep the change.

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