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    Special Tag for people who frequently add unboxers and offer heavily one sided trades

    I really think there must be some form of caution tag ( like a warning red sign on the profile ) , this is NOT a call for a ban, but rather just to point at users who are known to make regular unbalanced trades against unboxers. We can't just remove premium searches due to - Its importance in pricing items ( Which is like the main purpose of backpack.tf right ? ) - Help collectors actually find items There must be a way one could report them and point at trades people have done and point a recurring style in trading like Jheh Pot , Guns , Magicarp and freshly iTrade The evidence could be Item Histories like https://backpack.tf/item/5406046631 https://backpack.tf/item/6030695424 https://backpack.tf/item/5926002763 https://backpack.tf/item/6027927647 https://backpack.tf/item/6077832587 https://backpack.tf/item/6083054195 https://backpack.tf/item/5676545329 ( this is just a few from the last month , Credits to Pampick for finding em ) This "caution tag" should be specially made to warn unboxers that the user they are dealing with has repeatedly done unfair trades with unboxers. Problems with this Idea 1)A lot of these unboxers are unaware of the existence of backpack.tf itself. Welp, if that's the case then no one can help em , and the chances are they don't care about the item value too. 2)Highly Objective , how can one argue that 45 keys for holy grail box trot is low , this could be solved by looking at most of the trades done , if a "significant" proportion of them happen to be with unboxers and are unfair, i think this should be enough evidence when a person keeps adding unboxers and keeps making horrible trades. 3)How to deal with appeals I'm sure there are more problems with this , but i def think that there MUST be a way to warn unboxers from premium users who add them and exploit them , they need to be "marked" in such a way that prevents the abuse of premium search. Let's be real , there is a problem with allowing people to find out which unusuals are being unboxed and something has to be done about it. Feel free to throw in your thoughts
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    LOL stupid scammer

    not as dumb as this thread tbh
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    Although I'm not sure who the sheep are in this scenario...
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    Selling a B4NNY crafted cosmetic

    The crafted cosmetic is Bolshevik Biker and I am selling for 3 keys if you don't believe me just check the history
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    I met a pedo

    They probably were trolling and you fell for it.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    You can't poll 1800 people and say that's the "non-trading community's" opinion. That's not how statistics work. Admittedly, I don't give a crap about TF2 but i know how math works and I know that there are still around 50,000 users who have the game open at any given time. If you're going to make a mathematical statement on here and try to cite statistics they better be damn accurate. Yours aren't. Not everyone has TF2 at open all times this poll gives us no insight. I'd estimate it's at best 2% of the size of actual size of the non-trading community as a whole. I bet there are still 200,000 people who say they are tf2 players. Not to mention people who boot up the game once a month or whatever.
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    Invalid reasons for -rep on a Steam profile?

    lol that doesnt matter one bit, he can leave a thousand of those and nothing matters, just delete it and move on.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Special Tag for people who frequently add unboxers and offer heavily one sided trades

    Even ignoring the fact that this would basically serve little purpose given that those who get sharked generally won't check backpack.tf... We have no intention of moderating the value of trades. It's subjective; items have no inherent value, they're worth what people want to buy and sell them for. People are free to make bad offers and take bad offers if they choose. We're not getting into the process of setting arbitrary limits on what counts as even; there's no reason to draw that line anywhere in particular, it'd be a random number out of a hat. Not to mention that the mods of this site already have an enormous amount of work to handle between suggestions and the 100+ reports per day we already get. We have no desire to set ourselves as the arbiters of fair trading and place overworked moderators as judges. It's just not going to happen. We can and will ban in cases where it can be proved that the experienced trader lied to or manipulated the unboxer for their own gain, but that is the limit to our involvement.
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    Axle Change

    Y'know, I'd like it if promoted listings wasn't filled with unusuals...

    tbh I preferred the old system over this one. I felt like with the old one there was more of a sense of a live market, this one makes it seem stale.
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    Near all hat values decreasing

    February to October have always been the weakest months for TF2 trading, especially with the pre-Halloween + start of school swoon from July to September. Values of most items, not just unusuals, go down significantly and trading is typically at its slowest. This is also when for the last 8 years people claim the economy is crashing. This has happened without fail at the same time every single year. Halloween brings back a lot of players and Christmas money brings in a huge influx of spending money on virtual items. Trading stays hard with all the new unusuals right after halloween but the combination of returning players and Christmas money makes trading best around Christmas. Keep in mind, the average unusual value has always and will always continue to go down in value. The number of people playing the game isn't changing much but the number of unusuals getting unboxed will continue to rise.
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    Near all hat values decreasing

    Most unusuals are overpriced. While bp.tf tries to price in pure, 90% of hats could never sell for there bp.tf price in pure. People discount them for pure, and then the price goes down. There is also the problem of the sheer insane amount of unusuals in existence, and growing, while the number of people with pure keys to buy hats remains constant. As for the Heart Fez you use in your example, it may of been desirable 3 years ago, but these days it is very undesirable as you can get way better unusuals for that price: i.e why would you get a Heart Spy hat when you can get a Starstorm All-Class for less.
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    ᴏʟᴅ ᴍᴀɴ

    Selling a B4NNY crafted cosmetic

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    Buying Cheater's Lament

    It's impossible to get it. Those were untradable from the begining when Valve was giving them to players on 2009. And gift wraps don't work on untradable items since 2016 if I'm not wrong.
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    Lila Mond

    My TF2 Bacpack for CS skins?

    I'd offer 30 dollars for your backpack. Also calm down. Not everyone has time to sit on a forum and watch you whine.
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    Question about Steam 200 Item Limit.

    From my experience, they do not use your info unless you exceed $20k in gross sales (total amount you received from all transactions) in a calendar year. I believe it's required by the IRS that they collect the information, but you'd have to look that up. If you don't sell more than $20k in a year you have nothing to worry about. I probably wouldn't provide fake info (you wouldn't give a fake SSN to an employer), but I also tend to be a pretty honest person so that's up to you. As a pretty big SCM trader I received the form last year. You provide your expenses and ending inventory value at the end of year to calculate how much taxes you pay.
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    User is already marked , and idk why people keep posting about already marked ones , if you see a new scamming method then post it here or if you know someone who is scamming or attempts to post a -rep on his backpack.tf profile and report him. I doubt that any forumn user would fall to this as most of us here are aware of all scam methods and are generally more active then the rest of the trading community.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    The "non-trading" community. So, F2Ps? People who will never trade..? Irrelevant for trading.
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    Sugoni™ ⇋HG-A⇌

    Another fucking loss for my ass

    I'm a staff member at harpoon gaming. I'd advise you to sumbit a report on our site as soon as you can. We won't be able to get your winnings but we can stop this person from scamming others. Here is the link to our Scam report form https://forum.harpoongaming.com/forms/fraud-report-form.16/respond Or you can navigate to harpoon.tf, find the fraud ban administration centre, click on fraud reports and at the top right you can click the button labelled "Create a new report" It would be helpful if you could give as much information as possible including things such as: Time and date of when the crab happened which one of our servers it happened on (most likel;y all trade 2 or all trade 3) The wager that the spycrab was for Terms of the spycrab (e.g. 3 crabs wins) Aswell as the steamrep block of both you and the person who ran. You should be able to get the link of the runner by clicking his profile in your incoming trade history and copying the link from there. Also Remember to take screenshots of your inventory history (Not trade history) to show that the items never got to your account, aswell as the two screenshots you posted in this thread.
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    (scrap.tf)People not paying for auctions is really taking the piss out of me

    But will take up a lot of space , and a ton of the auctions are pure shit , specially the spelled item ones.
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    Star Butterfly

    Portraits For 1 Key (Pure) Will Throw In a Free SFM Poster

    Making Portraits For 1 Key PURE, And I will throw in a free SFM Poster for you (I'm that Desperate) Template Class: Team: Loadout: Additional Info: (Unusual's are kinda hard to do so do the Australium Weapons but i will try my best, AND NO DECORATED SKIN ONLY UNUSUALS) My ARTWORK: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198288143627/images/ Some Ideas of my Work, NOTE: These were all request from different people (I Have More Work^^^^) Doesn't Have to be TF2 Related.
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    Near all hat values decreasing

    Partly why I got out of trading, or have been getting out of it, anyways. Too many buyers, too many sellers, too much work for too little profit. It was very easy for me to make 1400 keys (pure value, not backpack.tf graph) in a month trading but I'd have to work much harder for it now. The market has changed. Back around June I looked over some values and I estimated Unusuals are worth 15% less (NOT backpack.tf price, what they actually sell for) than they were in March. I based this on SCM average values (for example it's not uncommon to find Unusuals for <$20 on the market when they used to never go below $23), what I buy and sell Unusuals for, as well as what sellers and buyers list their prices at. 15% was a rough guess, so don't take it too seriously. The point is, there is a clear decline in value from what I've looked at. People don't want to buy Unusuals for as much as they used to. I would say around March/April was when Unusuals were valued highest this year and that it's mostly gone down somewhere after May/April. Though this is partly based on my personal experience. The only Unusuals that haven't really been declining in value are certain limited effect Unusuals (some Halloween, Frostbite), but they are a very small part of the Unusual market (you could probably say less than 5%). Valve seems pretty committed to bringing down the value of Unusuals, too. Starting with the release of generation-agnostic crates (hurt the stability of 1st gens), multi-class crates (devastated the high-tier economy), doubled the Unusual unbox rate last Halloween (we all know how flooded the market is with cheap Halloween 2016 Unusuals), introduced the Unusualifier (destroyed the once very strong taunt market), and are now considering re-introducing Unusualifiers as a bonus item as well as a few other changes. There isn't really a way to make Unusuals worth more other than make people want to buy Unusuals more. TF2's a fun game and all, but how much do people really want to pour their money into it? Personally, Unusuals for what they are have always seemed to be a poor value. A 60-key hat you buy for full-price could end up setting you back around $100-$150 depending on your method of buying. $100-$150 is a lot of money for a virtual item. Is it really worth it to most people? Even if you make decent money, probably not. Though you're also able to re-sell what you buy to get your money back and a lot of people don't seem to realize this ("you waste your money on virtual items?"). New traders struggle to compete with old-time traders and bots. Prices stagnate, they can't even trade up to a key. They get frustrated and quit (so many people have no patience). I've had 2 friends that wanted to get into trading and even gave them a small loan of 100 keys. They both ended up giving up after maybe a week. People continue to leave and the number of new traders doesn't grow as much as it used to. People complain about bots, but it's a free market and bots aren't going anywhere. TF2 is not the only game with an economy flooded with bots. In an extreme case, bots will become so evolved that the only traders left will be bots that trade with other bots. People often point to TF2's player count to say the game is alive and well, but really, is that number real or inflated by bots? A few months back I giftapulted 100 items. Most of the gifts, over half if I can remember correctly, were sent to obvious bot accounts (their names followed a similar pattern). If you play the game you'd notice servers aren't as active as they used to be. New games come out, people get bored of the same old, and people move on.
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    I Fucked Up Badly

    This isn't sharking...you just got scammed. This is probably the second most common scam method right now (after the "fake OPSkins bot"). There's nothing any of us can do to help you. If you've got evidence of the scam (most importantly screenshots of your chat conversations) you can try reporting them to SteamRep, but this won't help you get your items back and they're likely already banned anyway. Next time check the SteamRep status of your trading partner before trading high-value items, and read up on some common scam methods. 99% of scams can be avoided simply by backing out when the scammer suggests something sketchy. https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/about-item-checking-scam/ https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/commonscams/
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    LOL stupid scammer

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    LOL stupid scammer

    For real tho I got scammed 51 keys and now I just want to pay em back yall are mean tho smh
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    Second Scammer Today

    You know if it's the first time for a scammer post I'm ok but if it's the second time please do this and stop being like all the other sheeps that think this is a place to ban sharks or scammers 1.) go to steamrep 2.) file a report 3.) now wait or you can just do 1.) go to steamrep and copy and paste the scammer steam Id or profile link 2.) if it shows he is a alt of a scammer don't bother posting and just post it in the best steam convos or Status updates now you will become a clean person and not a sheep for following this
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    INF SnooppDogge I trade.tf

    Anyone know how to start TF2 trading?

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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    Those 1800 people are going to be mostly comprised of Cosmic Afro's fans. It's not "random" from the entire playerbase. I'd argue that most of the non-trading playerbase don't watch Cosmic Afro. Meaning the 1800 players is not only miniscule, compared to the (probably) 200,000+ monthly unique players.... (I'd say at least half, probably more, would count as "non-trading" users) But, it is also representative of a smaller sub-community. I'd also argue that some traders responded to the poll, skewing the results as well. Who moderated the responses to make sure no traders responded?
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    ^^ For the most part, the results came out like I expected (disco best 3rd gen, blizz/stormy best 2nd, ext) but I found it super weird how mallard would beat morning glory or that time warp/gbh would beat anti-freeze or roboactive. One thing I do think is worth pointing out is that the poll only asked for people's favorite effect, not top 3 or whatnot, meaning the data is skewed in the direction of the obvious runaway. For example, abduction could be super popular but it comes out doing horribly simply because nebula is vastly considered the best invasion effect by a longshot. (This is also obvious with the bat effects, as halloween 2103 is stacked af) If you are trying to use this data to know what hats will sell for pure for example, it also is skewed as it, unlike people looking to buy unusuals, doesn't take into account the prices and availbility of the effects. Again, even though nebula ran away with the victory in the invasion category, when you factor in prices, I bet abduction/atomic would easily beat it out.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    This is soo weird and unexpected , I've traded a shit ton of hats and molten is not better than morning glory from any view point , a lot of these results have surprised me
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    Should steamrep work with valve to ban players?

    The problem is Valve doesn't seem to give much of a shit about scammers. That's why Steamrep came to existance in the first place, because of Valve's complete and utter inadequacy. If Valve wanted to deal with scammers they have their own data that they could use which I'm sure is much more comprehensive than SR reports... Seems like the only way to reliably get people trade banned is by directly dealing with a Valve employee or certain Steam community moderators (done both) but they tell you to sod off pretty quickly and to use their incredible reporting system that does fuck all.
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    If I recall these are compeletely worthless now
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    So Hideous


    https://backpack.tf/suggestion/59a4361bcf6c7546d837137f xD
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    Scott Bakula

    What do you guys want in the newest update.

    I'm hoping some localization files will get a much-needed update.
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    Banning without proof under any circumstance is not ok.
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    Collector's cosmetic kit(w/5 pure)

    Got 5 pure, looking for any interesting collector's cosmetic kit sets(I'll worry abt the inputs myself). I'm poor, don't laugh at me TT
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    LOL stupid scammer

    Glad you didn't get scammed (again). Use the best steam conversations thread next time. @everyone else, no need to rip on op tho
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    Near all hat values decreasing

    It's not an issue. It's probably actually a good thing for the economy. You know what an unhealthy economy does? It stagnates. What's actually happening in real terms is not that the price of unusuals are dropping, but the price of keys is rising (it's hard to see this sometimes because keys are updated fairly regularly whereas unusuals are updating MAXIMUM once every three months.) What's the best indicator of a strong economy? A strong currency. I could go on like this for hours but the tl;dr is the fact unusuals like this are dropping means the economy is alive and well. I've seen it plenty in the few years I've been doing this. @ Piotrex, backpack.tf price ARE in pure, that's the point. A bot would sell for more if the owner thought it could get more, but it doesn't because they don't. Anything that's being kept high by unusual sales is probably over-inflated: why do you think "overpay in items" is a thing.
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    Lila Mond

    The thing that really gets me roiled up.

    I mean lets be real here. If person A gets me the item instantly while person B is gonna take some time to accept the offer and they are both selling for the same price. Obviously I'm going to send an offer to person A. Why should I sit waiting for someone to accept my offer when I don't have to. That is a waste of time. Time is money. Simple.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    So Cosmic Afro made this new video about the results of his 1,797 response poll which asked his viewers on their opinions of the best unusual effect from each series. The video itself isn't that interesting, but I thought you guys might be interested in the results, since it doesn't exactly line up with the views of the "average trader." I've also included a summary in words of the answers and the most SHOCKING [GONE SEXUAL] YOU WON'T BELIEVE NUMBER 12 data. Direct link to the results: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TDOGE-Z9b1jOvgn3Hwdp2XOmvNl3JBOFlwJ-cNvtao8/edit Main gen: 1st gen: A lot of people really like TF Logo...it's the top non-god-tier effect 2nd gen: About as expected, Blizzardy > Stormy > Orbiting Fire > Planets > others...blizzardy at the top may be due to a "Mr. Paladin bias" or maybe just because it's more visible. 3rd gen: Exactly as expected, Disco Beat Down > Miami Nights > everything else Halloween: 2011: Cloudy Moon, duh 2012: Secret > Knifestorm = Harvest Moon > others 2013: Spellbound > Pentagrams > Bats?!? If you consider all three pentagrams they're about equal to Spellbound + Arcana, but Spellbound is apparently 3 times as popular as Arcana?...and nobody likes bats? 2014: Bonzo lul (probable ArraySeven bias, but I'm sure bonzo would win even ignoring that) 2015: Death by Disco > Eldritch > Trail > Mystery/Puzzle 2016 (including taunts): Tesla Coil > Neutron Star >>> others, with Infernal Flames at the top It's important to note that when there's a choice between multiple of the same effect with different coloring, purple is always the winner by far, while green and orange are usually tied. Robo: Time Warp / Green Black Hole >>> Anti-Freeze / Roboactive >>> everything else All taunt effects: Infernal Flames is top, nowhere near the other halloween effects; again showing that purple is the clear favorite. End of the Line: Frostbite > Death at Dusk > Molten Mallard > Morning Glory Invasion: ... Unusual Weapons: Isotope > Cool > Energy Orb > Hot - yes, Cool is 3 times as popular as Hot... This information may be useful to see what could sell to non-traders (i.e. full buyout in pure ), and in general to see what effects at the same price range are considered "better" by the non-trading community. Thoughts?
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    Backpack.tf CL brackets 10 key prize

    Closing signups, BECAUSE WE WILL GO LIVE IN 3 HOURS. Since we got decent amount of signups I'll host another one for knockouts But for now let's watch the overpriced, overhyped Frenchies get smashed by Celtic. Also this thread is official CL chat thread now
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    Scott Bakula

    Second Scammer Today

    No. There is no legitimacy there. What they do is have another account impersonating an OPSkins bot that sends you a trade offer, trying to make you think that you're depositing an item. Then, they run. This is basically the most common scam right now.
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    Sunbeams Cottonhead, Scorching Peak, Unusual Taunts

    Has overhyped hats, doesn't want overhyped hats. K
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    Thinking about taking SFM commissions

    Here's a few examples of my work: I'm really new to this so I don't exactly know how to price poster commissions, but I was thinking at least one or two keys would be more than enough.
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    S T E W

    A guy tried to scamm me

    Cool. This doesn't happen to thousands every day.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    Well; This isn't a personal attack. You asked for our thoughts, we gave our thoughts. If you disagree, feel free to give a rebuttal. Alternatively, you may already agree, otherwise, we can agree to disagree.
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    The non-trading community's views on unusual effects

    not really. This is a good snapshot of the people who would buy unusuals to keep, not to try and make profit with, which is still super useful in knowing what effects sell well.
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    Crazyy Cow

    selling bp, fucking shitshow tf2 trading has become

    I'll buy your bp for an insanely low price in pure so that no one else has do deal with your toxicity.
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    Vrakos Anthrakir

    Am I seeing this right?

    so, what? your point is that the price is outdated? I still don't get the point of this
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    Pair of rare signed Max's Heads

    They are somewhat rare due to the fact that most people of notoriety don't sign for just these reasons, people trying to capitalize on someone elses fame. Personally, I agree with your statement that they are worth less since they are gifted and, I could just ask them to sign them for me. LOL But, wish you the best with your trading all the same.
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    Am I seeing this right?

    Uh, okay? What about it? Is something wrong?