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    I, an experienced unusual trader almost fell for this scam.

    I guess you can say you’re not very experienced if you almost fell for this.
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    Motivation for trading?

    I want nice things but I don't want to spend money.
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    Marketplace.tf scammer deals?

    Eh they don’t care as long as their 10% commission keeps coming in
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    A Delicious Cashew

    I became a mod 5 years ago today

    I became a mod 5 years ago today
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    Scott Bakula

    [IDEA] A way to reduce amount of ref in circulation

    My two ideas for a refined sink: 1) A war paint reapplication kit. Have a craftable tool, that when used on a decorated weapon or war paint, gives it a new random seed for the paint. Something for people who like a pattern, but just don't like how it fits or for people who are looking at getting a rarer part of the pattern. 2) Noisemakers. Add a bunch of noisemakers to the game and give the option to craft a random one of them. As they can only be used X amount of times, people will burn through them and need to make more.
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    Vrakos Anthrakir

    Ear buds still being collected or no?

    I mean, why ask if anybody still collects earbuds if you immediately answer your own question
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    bazaar.tf is (and has always been) far more technically developed than outpost it hon

    bazaar.tf is (and has always been) far more technically developed than outpost it honestly saddens me that it never caught on with it's popularity. really deserved it's place as a tf2op competitor
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    post your demoman loadouts here

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    Why do people care a lot about an item being duped??

    Personally I don't think I've ever met someone that actually cared about an item being duped. I think that people only avoid duped items because they think that other people do care. They are afraid that it will make the item harder to sell. However, this just creates a cycle.
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    What to do with 44 keys?

    Sell it for cash and donate it to the guy who needs money for college.
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    I've done the same thing, end of the day it's your fault, he has no obligation to return the stuff if he doesn't want to, just be happy you at least got something out of it, could be worse like this guys situation https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/64648-i-got-scammed-2000-3k-in-unusuals-today/&
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    post your demoman loadouts here

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    post your medic loadouts here

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    diamondjozu(storage alt)

    history report on a user.

    i dont remember if i posted this before but it would be nice to have a particular hyper link button to check on a user if the user has been reported before/current.if you dont understand,its just like how rep.tf has a button to check unconfirmed/past reports on steamrep.i dont think we can do that over here plus some reports are put as private so it would be hard to check it out. this would also greatly help out when 2 users wishes to do risky/cash trade
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    Dazed & Confused

    Free Posters! [CLOSED]

    Want to practice doing some poster commissions, send some requests my way Oh yeah here's some examples of my work:
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    I'm like the Robin Hood

    50 minutes later can we stop bots
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Why do people care a lot about an item being duped??

    You know the original and the dupe share the history, right? If you refuse to buy dupes that hurts the person who was scammed as much as the scammer. In any case, the duplications occurred so far back in the histories this really makes no sense remotely at this point.
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    My worst scammer story is when a scammer scammed me.
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    I, an experienced unusual trader almost fell for this scam.

    This has been around for yonks, still gets people somehow. On all platforms the icon for the two are so completely different, still everyone makes slip ups. Report him for item misrepresentation and move on.
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    Scammed Out of 23+ keys (nobody probably cares)

    I care Weeb. I'm also very sorry to hear about this. Other than the unusual taunt, which item was your favorite? I'll buy it for you.
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    Why do people care a lot about an item being duped??

    I probably made anywhere from 500-750 keys using the excuse "its duped" to get bargains on certain hats. I didnt care about it being duped whatsoever. One link on the world wide web has a tiny little warning that says something is wrong with your virtual hat that looks and acts the exact same as a "clean" one matters? lol. Of course it doesnt matter. But because the community says it does, it leaves room to devalue dupes and make a profit on them. When you buy, you act like its a big deal so you can get a discount When you sell, you act like its no big deal so you can get full price ez
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    Why Bots Are Somewhat Ruining backpack.tf

    You say "poor and innocent traders" as if bot owners are like, guilty for owning a bot which is kinda weird. Competing with bots as a regular item trader is not as difficult as you think it is (coming from personal experience). Sure I get that not being automated like a bot automatically puts some people as a disadvantage, but automation even existing and being this successful means there was a demand for it, and there is a demand for automation. It's just like real life; automation = higher efficiency. Whether we have bots on backpack.tf or ban bots and move them onto another site it won't matter since there is a demand for automation and instant gratification. Theoretically, if we banned bots from backpack.tf there would probably be a website for bot owners to host their bots and sell their own items similar to backpack.tf and all the traffic from our site would probably move over to a site like that. How do you compete with bots? Probably just use trade servers and try to keep your prices relatively competitive with them. No one is going to buy your item at a higher price than a bot because 1) it's cheaper and 2) bots are faster at giving you items. If you trade in a trade server there is still a level of instant gratification you can provide simply by trading with people in real time. Same thing applies by just checking your trade offers regularly. I can assure you though, bots are not ruining backpack.tf like you think they are.
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    How much would this unusual be worth?

    One Seller at 18 hasn’t sold after half a month and there’s two so it’s very unlikely you’ll get 19 keys out of this.
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    Sellers of spycrab codes?

    It would be hard to find a unboxer of that, I think