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    Inventory Space increased to 2500....

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    Scott Bakula


    Dude, stop. Every single one of your topics about buying the new crates have been locked because it's such a massive lowball that it's outright trollish.
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    Backpack.tf Secret Santa Announcement

    Welcome to the backpack.tf Secret Santa 2017 hosted by Ebeneezer Scrooge (HarryG) and Bob Cratchit (ForteSP)! This year we are indeed, going to make Secret Santa great again. How are we going to do so? -Removing Cruel, Cold, and Confusing Nonsense! This year's Secret Santa will be fairly simple in terms of entering and gifting. Just comment on the Steam profile of HarryG (https://steamcommunity.com/id/redtextking , make sure you comment "Requesting addition to Secret Santa" or something similar or we won't know to add you to the event!), and your name will be added to the list. After all matches have been decided by a randomized system (on the signup close date of December 1, but we will still remind you with an announcement), an announcement will be posted. Following this announcement, you must add HarryG, or he can comment on your profile if you prefer, so that he can provide you with the person you will give a gift to. After you have your match, just send your gift to HarryG by the deadline and all gifts will be delivered on Christmas Day! Note: In the event that HarryG's inventory becomes full (unlikely) it will be made known through a name change on HarryG's part (think something like HarryG's Gift Bag Is Full!) and all participants are to instead send their gifts to ForteSP (https://steamcommunity.com/id/ElsaQueenOfArendelle , comment in the same way!). -Christmas Compassion Gift not wrapped properly? Miscount the amount of days 'til that game is tradeable and the deadline is upon ye? No worries, this year we will personally examine each and every case to make sure you don't get trampled by the angry mom on Black Friday that is automation. Because hey, this is the season for love and care, and even if machines are great, they can miss a few things that the good 'ol human eye can pick up on. -Really Regal Rules and Restrictions Nobody wants profound negativity creeping up on them in the holiday season! That's why there are some things that we will personally ensure that a grouchy Grinch gets the boot for in this event. Below are the following list of bannable offenses for this event: -A current ban/caution tag on Steamrep or backpack.tf at the time of joining, no exceptions -A current trade ban on Steam -Outright refusal to give a gift. This will also ensure that said Grinch will not receive a gift and will be barred from all future Secret Santa events, instead that gift will be matched to the person that they stiffed. So don't bother! -Demonstrated disrespect to backpack.tf staff or event forerunners during event. I mean, we have pretty thick skin over here, but like, don't be a demonstrably disrespectful disdainful dunce. -Being marked/banned on backpack.tf or Steamrep DURING the event. -Exceptional amounts of -trusts/-trusts with particularly interesting offenses detailed within -The Possibility To Procure Positively Prominent and Potent Prizes! That's Correct! Amazing prizes to be had just for getting into the Christmas spirit! Prize Categories Will Be- Most Festive Gift Most Fitting Gift Funniest Gift Good luck, Merry Christmas, and if you have any further questions, be sure to contact either ForteSP (https://steamcommunity.com/id/ElsaQueenOfArendelle) or HarryG(https://steamcommunity.com/id/redtextking)! Happy gifting! The users that have commented in this thread have been added up to: "Headshot Doge"
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    Selling 3 Painted Pencil Pushers [GLITCHED]

    Then don't buy it.
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    General overview on the jungle update

    Lots upon lots of Pyros on servers. But that's inevitable since all of them get Pyro contracts. Not only that, the Dragon's Fury is extremely powerful, definitely needs to be nerfed a little, or at least made more difficult to use. The wait for a casual match is terribly long, even if you choose multiple maps, getting on one of the new maps was basically impossible and I haven't managed to get on any of those servers first day. Also the game coordinator crashed on me multiple times, but I'm sure those problems will be easily resolved as the time comes. But that's enough talking about flaws. I absolutely love the new contracts. Definitely worth that 5€, they enourage trying different tactics and focusing on the objective. You can't turn the contract in until the round is over so there's no more people abandoning the game just after completing their contracts. For some reason the Casual matches (ignoring the pyro spam) were greatly balanced. I've played multiple games since the update and none of them was a one-sided pubstomp. They were challenging and fair for both sides. The level cap for Casual has been increased, too. It adds a little more incentive to play the game, since there used to be no real reward for completing a game after reaching level 150. Overall it's a very nice update. It has its problems but these should be fixed quickly. Reminds me of when Meet Your Match dropped.
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    practically giving away rare soldier and scout weapons

    Can you stop this clickbaiting please?
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    Crazyy Cow

    Unusual Weapon Skin Unboxed

    How would applying it make it cost more? Anyone could apply a paint to any wep they want but once its used, they can only use that one weapon.
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    help, i think i've been scammed.

    Profile rep is literally useless, you can just make alts and have them comment as many times as you need. If you go through them, you can see that all but the last of the comments were made within one hour on Aug 29. Middlemanning isn't actually that useful anyway, all it does is add another step to the process. Get any screenshots of chatlogs and report them to SR/f-o-g. That's really all you can do at this point.
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    Price for unusual riffle

    Cool, I can just buy a 40 key paint, apply it to a sniper rifle, and instantly get 20-40 keys more worth. Thanks for the pro trade profit tip.
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    The title should be "Supporting credit card fraud". https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/63534-selling-end-of-the-line-keys/ https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/63557-h-505-end-of-the-line-keys-w-any-offers/&tab=comments#comment-589488 https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/63465-gifting-eotl-keys-for-tf2-mann-co-keys-1011/&tab=comments#comment-589191 https://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/63561-do-not-buy-eotl-keys/ Och wait - You already bought some of those keys. So you knew about this and still bought it? Imo ban.
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    200 keys when you can buy one for 35 keys from SCM. Just sayin... http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Unusual Taunt%3A Yeti Punch
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    Free key swap service!!

    Basically give me a free profit.
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    Lets have a chat about rep.

    You don't understand how the site functions, yet you bust out that attitude that got you banned on the mainsite again lol. Rep is highly moderated, they just have to be reported. Your negative rep hasn't been reported and thus it hasn't been removed. And that guy has received 0 reports on the site, again users need to be reported if they should be banned. We don't have 500 mods scanning every user and every trust that is ever made on the site. No site does, they all work mostly with a reporting system.
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    100,000,000th Key

    FTFY FTFY again FTFY again again FTFY again again again FTFY again again again again FTFY again again again again again FTFY again again again again again again FTFY again again again again again again again
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    grandma's cookies

    100,000,000th Key

    you must be fun at parties haha
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    Unusual taunt pricing: options.

    Tbh if backpack.tf wipes taunt prices all chaos will break loose. People will be mad and will loose faith in the pricing system, making taunts even harder to sell. I mean, if people are refusing to trade for taunts now, just imagine what would happen if everything was priceless (since unpriced items are traditionally harder to sell). It would simply be a one way ticket to crashing the taunt market and potentially inflicting additional harm in other parts of the economy. Prices should just be updated a lot more frequently and less conservatively. Incentives for price suggesters is the real problem here.
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    plsss give a some hats

    Do not use our forums to beg for items.
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    Unusual taunt pricing: options.

    I think wiping all taunt's prices is very extreme, and may make many traders lose faith in bp.tf, even if they know the listed price is inaccurate. We really can't risk hurting the tf2 economy by doing this. I think we need to start repricing stuff immediately. I know there is talk of a pricing event happening in December, but I am not sure waiting for that is the best solution however I would prefer doing nothing over wiping them. I know Mindacos among other mods have argued to hold off pricing taunts until they are stable or only using sales after the Jungle Inferno's release, but this means that prices are going to be way too high for awhile. Taunts were going down across the board before the update, so updating with sales before the event isn't going to make them more inaccurate. I think we should use older sales on the basis of "better than current," but not use them to price other items. Of course one should use common sense, and weigh new sales much higher than old sales, as the older ones are going to be outliers more often than not. I think bp.tf should implement a more obvious way to tell if a price is outdated or inaccurate, such as a warning (similar to how dupes are handled) on the stats/classifieds page, as well as an upgraded symbol to use on the pricelist. I also believe there need to be more incentives to make price suggestions. Since school has started and the new update has come out, there has been a large drop in suggestions, and since we require more dedicated suggestions to fix the taunts problem, I think more incentives could help. The extra classies slot for suggestions is a step in the right direction, but the benefit is so small nobody is going to start suggesting to get the slots. Im thinking free premium, more classies slots, or even pay suggesters with large contributions through donation money similar to how mods are paid could all be potential benefits for making unusual suggestions. Im open to other incentives as well! Edit: forgot to mention that the Haloween 2016 taunts are actually pretty stable, and the amount of new unboxes is actually pretty low with these effects. I don't think the drastic taunt rules should be applied to them, and wiping there prices would be pointless.
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    Guide for Unusual Price Suggestions

    Just a reminder that with the recent Jungle Inferno and Halloween update taunts have been unboxed left, right and center again. Just like last year, please don't price taunts for now until they have stabilized a bit more (at least wait until the end of the event). Also with that in mind don't update hats with sales for taunts after the update (21st October). If the sale you want to use happened before the update you may use it (and if needed make a mini for the taunt with sales from pre-update). Of course if the taunt is only a small part of the trade, that sale would still be fine to use. As usual if you have any questions feel free to ask in our #suggestion-stuff channel in our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/j7cMkGF EDIT: We discuss what will do more specifically with taunts now, please give us your input here:
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    Teeny Tiny Cat


    He's rude. And this is no place for naming and shaming people, it only starts drama. Block and move on.
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    [H] 505 End of the Line Keys [W] Any Offers

    They are the gifted, credit card fraud tagged keys, been circulating recently, and can AND WILL get you trade banned. Hence, people have been gifting them for unusuals at crazy prices, and they've been screwing people over. That's also why you can see them on SCM being sold for low prices. DO NOT TRADE FOR THESE.
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    Hahahahahahdjfienwbdjd unusuals sho hwbd

    I don't get what the item is since it doesn't directly show me but yeah if its those unusuals, for sure its gonna get sharked but you don't notice it, then the shark says "Nothing personal kid."
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    That TF2 money got me an Audi.

    That TF2 money got me an Audi.
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    I just got scammed for being impatient

    Jokes on you guys I already had negative IQ points, this helped me gain* some. (Holy crap I'm actually losing brain cells it's not just a meme)
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    Scott Bakula


    Basically, Earbuds died because they were no longer needed as a key substitute. Initially, Buds got their value from the circumstances of the early days of trading, where players could only trade 8 items at a time, so players needed items to represent X amount of keys. Bills, Buds, and Maxs filled that need because of their limited promotional nature, as players did not need to worry about more of them appearing and flooding the market. As time passed however, with the changes to the trading UI, the increase of backpack space, and the ability to create an alt storage account without dropping another $20, Buds were needed less and less as a Key substitute. After all, why have an item worth between X and Y Keys depending on the time of year, when you can just have the keys instead? So, with the demand and necessity dropping, Buds slowly declined, dipping with each major Steam sale, but never quite getting back to where they were. However, something happened during one of the declines that changed the decline from a gentle fall like the Bill's Caps, to a massive avalanche: People panicked. For some reason or another, several large end Buds traders decided to dump their stock. Other traders saw that, and tried to undercut those sellers, which in turn led to people undercutting them. And as people saw the value of Buds dropping, they panicked, and dumped their Buds for whatever they could get. And the Unusual traders were similarly affected, either refusing to take Buds in trade, or valuing them at a fraction of their current value. This all made the decline go sharper and sharper, sending the value into freefall. However, the final nail in the coffin came from Valve themselves. In the middle of all this chaos, Valve made Buds marketable on the SCM. With that, people no longer needed to trade Buds for Keys to cash out on the SCM for a Steam sale, they could just sell the buds themselves. So, of course, people rushed to dump their buds on the SCM, undercutting everyone else so theirs get sold first. And it wasn't just the traders doing this either; There was also a large influx of buds being dumped by people who didn't trade, they just had a pair from when they played way back when, and learned that they could get a few bucks for it, so why not? With all that, Buds fell down to the value they are today (there were a few dead cat bounces, but they didn't last very long). So, nowadays, all they are is what you see, a semi-uncommon All-Class cosmetic, that people have to equip for their loadouts rather than horde for value.
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    Best steam conversations

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    this is a nice collection 

    this is a nice collection
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    Buying New (Normal) War Paints!

    yes hello can i make a deal with myself? no ok i overpay in bacon no ok ok extra overpay with boneless pizza polished ok deal
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    Scott Bakula

    Wierd History Bug

    That's basically it. Using an unusualifier doesn't create a new item, just modifies an existing one, much like using a strangifier or paint, so the history remains.
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    Strange [Unusual] Factory New Merc Stained War Paint

    Strange doesnt really matter on civilian grade weapons since you can just use a stat-clock on them
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    Free key swap service!!

    Swapping my tf2 keys for any CSGO keys!! 1-1 *Except CSGO Capsule & community sticker capsule keys* I may accept other game's keys, just send me an offer!! Send me an offer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=247337377&token=E4JdQoLd
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    Selling Clash Royale account for TF2/CSGO items

    Please do not use our forums for account trading.
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    Unusual taunt disposal service.

    Ow, can't do 18. Sorry
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    Suggestion on personal item?

    Not really, but don't just base it off your own sale if the item has other recent sales.
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    Best steam conversations

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    ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

    TF2 Trading Enhanced - A new chrome script

    " (Thanks Apo for noticing my spelling/grammar mistakes lol)" ur in the desc on the chrome store now lmao
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    Unusual taunt pricing: options.

    I think that if the problem is for people taking advantage of inflated values of taunts, it'll make it worse to wipe them. Updating them a lot more regularly sounds better to me.
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    How does one deal with trading bots?

    Smart but not a secret. I do it all the time I want to raise money to buy another unusual of the steam market
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    The Tea Overlord

    How does one deal with trading bots?

    don't use bp.tf automatic, it's not supported. bptf devs are making a new one you can buy different items, maybe some niche items
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    Looking for price check on 3 unusual warpaints (2 str.)

    Strange Croc Dusted one is gonna be super vaiuable. Commando grade + effect matches skin + skin looks almost factory new even though it's field tested Seriously though I thought the strange Croc Dusted was factory new, it looks almost the same as the non-strange FN one Merc Stained kinda hard to tell. It's mercenary and field tested, and I can't imagine people considering it a high tier skin. That said its still strange and Hot looks good on it so those things alone are enough for it to be pretty valuable the non-strange Croc Dusted might not be strange but it's still a commando grade skin and the effect looks decent on it. The fact that field tested almost looks exactly as good as FN on this particular skin might lower its price though But those are my opinions at least. I can't give an exact price range but just collect offers and if you find a really appealing one take that as long as it's not a lowball. Offers under 100 keys for the stranges are definitely lowballs and shouldn't be considered no matter what the items
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    szyмiв  вuying_cards

    Looking for price check on 3 unusual warpaints (2 str.)

    Fuck, this Cool Croc is nice. I'd not take below 150 for this. Merc will be expensive as hell too. You unboxed fucking themed. Nice Take offers on them. And don't take taunts.
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    My Backpack won't update

    That means you haven't visited your backpack in the last 6 months at all, it only (attempts to) update when you (or someone else) actually opens your backpack.
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    My Backpack won't update

    The Steam API is down from time to time so backpacks can't update, there is nothing you can do besides pressing F5 here and there and hoping that its working.
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    IMPORTANT: use the report function

    Users have been posting in topics telling people to "post in classifieds" or "wrong forum" since these forums were created. This is despite the clear note in the forum rules that instruct users to use the report function for such things. These posts only cause clutter, and they don't actually help the problem get fixed. By reporting something instead of posting, you notify every moderator, who actually have power to fix the problem.
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    All these http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/End of the Line Key are from a stolen credit card and will be removed valve. DO NOT BUY!
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    WTS some unusual stuff from the jungle update

    Man the amount of unusualifiers is going to crash the market. I saw a Russian arms race unusualifier going for about 40 pure