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    QS> TF Logo HKC

    Quickselling, 12% off Choose 1
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Axle has just been trade banned by Valve http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127915163
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    Application: TheProcave [Discord]

    There are more things to this, but our biggest concern is that you are not mature enough to be a moderator on our site. Sure, if you pull yourself together you can be, but I wouldn't wanna risk one of our discord moderators going around posting "memes" about Gay/Muslim/Jews or anything in that direction. Mods represent the site and we do not want to represented in such a light. And that's why I'm going to decline this app.
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    Just bad.

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    Scott Bakula

    Trader doesn't sells item on the listed price & blocks me

    It's pretty obvious that the dude meant to put a buy order for 7 ref, not 7 keys. In any case, it's still an erroneous trade and should be reported to be removed.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    manncojackpot.com rigging bets

    It's owned by a marked scammer, what do you expect? Report to valve, nothing else we can do.
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    Diamond jozu

    Selling Clean Ghastly Ghosts Jr Rotation

    so i did a little research about yourself.you have a group for your rep thread and i appreciate your hardwork since its from 2014.however after looking at your reps,none of them have any screenshots of the transactions.now im not saying anything bad but it would be nicer if you asked your clients to post some screenshots.just some atleast.i saw the recent rep thread by a user named spaghetti.it seems you sold a beams fro to him which is true but in history shows the spag bought it via mp.tf.if it was from mp.tf,no rep thread is required.but if a risky trade was done,you should use backpack.tf trust.it can be used for tf2,csgo,dota 2 and even other games as well.there's no doubt that spaghetti is a real user.just try and take my advice.it can help you out much more
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    I got ripped off by a bot

    The bot didn't take advantage of you. You were the one who screwed up. Contact the bot owner and see if you can get a refund/the correct item.
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    Burning flame hazmat

    strange arcana fat man field cap, 1:1, similar heavy hats of the pyro update were sharked and are 1:3? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i am ghegh top
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    Best steam conversations

    https://gyazo.com/cff4dd95d18df8aafbe52b325dd7c93f Well that's a new one lol
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    Jason Le

    How much would this cost?

    5000 in taunts
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    « SɱokEy »

    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Thanks to a Friend. https://www.npmjs.com/package/style-console .
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    I feel like you've learned nothing at all from this experience If you are not willing to learn how to audit the scripts you run, you should not be running arbitrary code you find on the net
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    Diamond jozu

    Worst trade offers

    nah,not even near.its a strange well-wrapped hat with spellbound.would more than a golden pan
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    BUYING KEYS 10-1000 [1.65-1.85]

    Fixed it for you. I wonder whose alt account is it.
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    Come closer human....
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    Scott Bakula

    Trader doesn't sells item on the listed price & blocks me

    No. It's still up because people are human. Site staff are not online 24/7 and when they are, have a backlog of reports, suggestions, and other duties to work on. Similarly, the person who made the buy order is most likely unaware of the error, and has not taken it down or changed it and simply considered your trade offer to have been one created to troll or was born from illiteracy.
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    Golden Frying Pan

    Use : https://marketplace.tf/ Middleman, scam and chargeback free
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    You do realize that negative trust doesn't go away even if you get positive rep. And why would anyone trust someone who lies about their own items. Who says the won't do it again with the clients items?
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    Sheen and killstreaker values

    I trade heavily on the SCM and pay a lot of attention to Pro KS items, and I can say with a fair degree of certainty that there are some rules of thumb, but also a lot of uncertainty. Based on my experience, the following is true: Top Tier: Fire Horns + Tornado They're the most visible, so demand is the highest for them. You can almost always charge extra for them. Mid Tier: Incinerator + Flames Both are very nice, and visible. You can usually charge at least a bit extra for them. ================================================= Any effect above here is reasonably likely to sell for a significant fraction more than the cheapest effects. Any effect below here is not, or at least will probably take too long to sell to make it worth the time. Of course, any combination has the potential to sell for a good price; some are just much less likely to. ================================================ Low-ish Tier: Cerebral Discharge Doesn't usually get offloaded for cheap like 'beams and Singularity, but no one really pays a lot extra for it. Garbage Tier: Hypno-Beams. Now, to be clear: this does not mean that "no one likes it", or that it is actual garbage, so saying "plenty of people like it" wouldn't counter this at all. It means that supply of Hypno-Beans is noticeably higher relative to demand than with the other killstreakers, which means that on just about any Pro KS item with a relatively high supply, the cheapest ones will almost always be Hypno-Beams. Hypno-beam items are consistently listed below any other sellers, meaning people are willing to undercut to get rid of it. Buy orders also yield a disproportionately large amount of Hypno-Beam items. Singularity The only other effect I see consistently listed as the cheapest is Singularity. It's better than Hypno-Beams, but not by much. It's kind of weird, not super visible, and just not great compared to the others. Sheen is probably less important than killstreaker, but there are definitely tiers here as well: Top tier: Team Shine It's blue if you're on BLU, and red if you're on RED. Getting two for one makes this the most popular sheen. You can almost always charge extra for it--even with a crap killstreaker like Hypno-Beams, you're likely to get more than average price. High Tier Hot Rod, Violet. Demand for these isn't far behind TS. Everyone who wants people to know (or think) they are a girl wants these. You can almost always charge extra for them. On popular items, you can charge a lot for them and still have them move quickly. Okey Tier Manndarin, Daffodil, Emerald You can't consistently get anything extra for these, but they also won't hurt your chances of selling the item. Resigned to Mediocrity Tier Mean Green Not sure what to say. It's just a color that not a lot of people like. There are no set values, and the % extra that you can expect from a good sheen/effect varies with the item, so there's no use trying to give an amount. And of course, any sheen/killstreaker has the potential to appeal to a buyer enough that they'll pay a good amount.
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Couple of his alts: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963737955 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964357856 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198319487961 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198450283052 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198436993771 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198435553802 All banned
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    « SɱokEy »

    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Anyway, Thank you for all the help and support you all offered to me to get back up again. I am not gonna Quit I will start over again. After all, I have only spent 10$ on TF2 and some valuable time (2 years) So that's what I lost here. Time!! On the other hand, I am happy that I have cashed out over 1.4k$ in the past, but a loss is a loss. My only Main sadness is the Strange Pro KS factory new Shell shocker I had (Which is hard to get back as it is Rare AF) everything else is gettable and a totally random stranger whos unusual (50 keys in value) I Was brokering got looted too. Such a nice guy he was He was also willing to help me get back up by offering me keys and to pay him later even though he knew I lost his unusual. I love this community and I am never gonna quit Sorry to everyone else who got baited and lost items. Do not quit if you have time start over again. At the end of the day, no one is to blame but me Special thanks to Volcyy and others for solving this and helping me find out how it actually happened
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    Application: TheProcave [Discord]

    Your age 17 y/o as of September 2017. Your geographical location Belgium. How long have you been using backpack.tf 4 years according to my suggestion, but it's more like 5 years. Time you are able to devote to moderation on a daily/weekly basis In the weekends atleast 6 hours, in a normal week atleast 4 hours and on holidays again 6 hours. Why you want to be a moderator? The reason I want to be moderator is really to help people, I've always liked helping people, even if it takes time away from another thing, I still enjoy it, I'm always open to questions about trading and such. If it wasn't for backpack.tf I would still be unaware on how to trade properly and if I didn't know how to trade properly I wouldn't get the chance to help people with trading, backpack.tf has helped me tremendously (especially the moderators), and I'd like to return the favour, and maybe help/inform another person and see them aspire for the greater good. Are you currently an admin/mod elsewhere? Yes, I am currently Server Moderator on stntrading.eu, I'm also a Support Agent on stntrading.eu, which is just support chat, to help people out if they encounter problems with the website. I am also a Broker and Moderator for the Posh Broker group. Past experiences as an admin/mod I did moderate a couple of facebook groups which are located where I live, but they got shut-down. Have you ever been trade banned or tagged as a scammer on steamrep? No. Include any additional information that could help you I am currently still working on a Scam Website Guide, which should be out in atleast a month (Haven't had much time for that) so be on the look-out for that! Sorry if my English is a bit bad! Include a link to your backpack.tf profile https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198050194207
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    Worst trade offers

    Anybody who pays a golden pan for that thing really needs to think about how much pure they spend, and what they spend it on. There are a LOT of better hats you could get for less than the value of a golden pan.
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Good catch finding that it was hidden in a dependency I can say 100% this attack was inspired by an article posted earlier this month, down to it being a console color module containing a payload
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    Scott Bakula

    Selling ONE-Man History CLEAN Max's Head

    You might get a little more for a short history, but that's about it. Basically, the reason that you're the only one in the history is because when you got it was the first time it'd ever been in a public backpack instead of a private one. What most likely happens when you see that is that someone who has not touched the game in years discovers that some of their old items are marketable and thus dump them all on the SCM for a quick buck.
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    Ur still a sharking piece of shit. I love it how you added my friend about his haunted ghost spook specs and when you realized he wasn't the unboxer you lied and said he added you to try to defend yourself. I aspire to be like you, sharking unpriced unusuals to then shark more hats and make profit off the new and inex.... Error 404: morals not found
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    Ban Appeal

    Expires: Never
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    I want an Arcana/Spellbound Soldier Unusual 60-80 Keys :(

    Alright, decided to go with a Poisoned Shadows Helmet. I'm going to pain it black and pair it with an Arkham Cowl and a Caped Crusader to make a (Poor) Bat-man!
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    manncojackpot.com rigging bets

    Just because someone owns a Youtube channel doesn't mean they're a positive community influence, especially in this community. I don't know anything about this guy beyond the fact that he's some Youtuber, but people from Youtube and Valve gambling sites have never exactly been on the level together historically.
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    Scott Bakula

    Problem with skin pricing

    Because of the nature of the items, Skins and Killstreaked items are valued by the current sales rates of the SCM. Additionally, Killstreaked items, if they have no recent sales, will revert to the price of the base item. The reason for that is to help prevent an extremely common scam where a person would find an item on the SCM with few/no listings (typically a Spec. KS Skin), then put one up on the SCM for a high price, then try to trick others into believing that the item is worth far more than it actually is.
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    It's about time.

    HYPEHYPEHYPE I've finished all your requests, but I'm gonna add some more people to the poster because I'm ambitious as hell and I want this to be my biggest image to date. I rendered the image in 1440p (because 1080p makes it lose a lot of detail) without any lighting or post-processing, so there's gonna be clipping errors that are gonna be fixed in photoshop. The final image will be 4k at least, don't worry. There's a lot of space around the image because I don't know where I'm gonna fit everyone else. Tell me if you are satisfied with the poses and stuff, and please also tell me if there's something wrong! Take a look, and let me know what you think:
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Best steam conversations

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    I need help with paypal!

    Creating a PayPal account when you are under 18 is illicit and can get your account permanently suspended.
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    ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

    Question about an unpriced unusual

    coming from the king of trading with scammers It was a scrap.tf auction
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    Will the price of the keys in Marketplace.tf go up again?

    Marketplace is controlling the price since they have the biggest share of the key market. If they rose their price to $2.05, then that will be the new selling point within a week.
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    Le Cute Pyro :3

    Ban Appeal

    Is there any chance of a ban appeal a few years after I was accused of scamming or all bans 100% permanent on Backpack.tf?
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    Noot Boot

    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    As others have said, We don't know. The bot is unsafe to use. You can try and look trough the code yourself if you're that interested
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    Longest item history?

    I'd rather see the longest red streak
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    Longest item history?

    You could do it yourself, just trade it back and forth to a marketplace or scrap bot hundreds of times.
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    Application: TheProcave [Discord]

    Good luck! I hope you get the position. This community always needs more (good) mods like you!
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    Where was the hacking?
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    This looks like a mass fraud (Crime against property) The victims should consider to reach their local cybercrime police
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    Account Hacked (Do not use the undercutting SCRIPT)

    I can't believe running a script made by someone who is disgruntled and banned from everywhere had repercussions Wowee For what it's worth, I had a look through the originally-posted autoprice script and I couldn't find anything that was obviously malicious. Despite a few unrelated security vulnerabilities I discovered (e.g. a naively configured config could allow some unwanted accounts to have admin access), there are no obfuscated payloads or HTTP requests to anything other than Steam and backpack.tf, and the user's credentials aren't handled in a way that could be deemed suspicious. That is, however, the version of the software that was last updated on Github 11 days ago. If you were affected by this, I suspect you were asked to use an updated version that wasn't hosted on GitHub, and that might've contained a malicious payload which sent off your credentials. Edit: payload was contained in an external dependency
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    Scott Bakula

    Selling a FESTIVIZED sniper for 4/5 keys

    A 7 Refined item with a 30 refined attachment a 5 key item does not make.
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    "Sorry but you don't know the full trade so you can't call it a shark" -every mod
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    Guide about Decorated/Unusual Weapons on backpack.tf

    A little more technical information: About two months ago after the Jungle Inferno update, the quality IDs for Unusual weapons were changed to those of Decorated Weapons (weapons with a paint kit). This is a complication, as they still display as Unusual weapons in-game. Despite them actually being Decorated Weapons, it is the attached particle effect which classifies them as being Unusual in-game and in Steam inventories. This was a bit of a curveball as this change was unannounced, and broke an immutability clause which we depended on. Typically, we don't expect information for an existing item instance to change. We did ask Valve if this was a bug, but the response was that this was done for consistency. When a non-Unique item is Strangified, it is given a "kill eater" (the kill tracker of a Strange weapon) attribute, and these items are displayed with a Strange border. Thus, Unusual Decorated weapons are now just Decorated Weapons with an attached particle effect. As a compromise, Unusual Decorated Weapons are currently displayed in the same way as an elevated Strange item. I'm very aware this is not how they are displayed in game, and this might appear confusing, so this may be due to change.
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    It's funny. Even though that I work 70-80 Hours a week, I have enough time to spend my money on this god forsaken game. TLDR- Don't be a Welder.
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    Worst trade offers