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  1. Today
  2. Eldric Liaz

    Is brokering for a banned user on both bp.tf and outpost bannable on Outpost?

    1. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      Yes, as it's basically circumventing the ban.

    2. thecityburns2day


      I thought it depended on what they are banned for?

    3. Teeny Tiny Cat

      Teeny Tiny Cat

      If they're banned on outpost, you can't list their items on outpost regardless of what the ban is for.
      Same with backpack.tf

  3. Weedoof

    Somehow I ended up with three dog pokemon on my team in ultra sun

    1. ThePickleCat



    2. Weedoof


      why would i be sorry lmao dogs are great

  4. Happysedits

    1. ksolis01


      Out of all the cool tf2 reddit posts, you gotta pick that one?

  5. Salvage

    1. ThePickleCat


      Little Pixel. It looks like he either traded csgo stuff for it(because thats what the previous owner played) or he got it for free http://steamcommunity.com/id/B0725

    2. Salvage


      Thank you!

  6. Tasty Salamanders

    Wait, the War Paint Keyless Cases use a line feed character in their name instead of a space? What's up with that?

  7. Miss Waifu

    After 2-3 years not trading, im back

  8. LookAtMyChicken

    Brainiac should be paintable, I mean it's just hair.

  9. Lila Mond

    Do people actually get 2 dollars for there CS GO keys?


    I swear I get them on opskins for 1.80 all the time.

    1. Khael


      generally yeah xd. $2 is a good price, and opskins takes too long and takes fees. Generally they are cheaper with bitcoin, but cause I pay with PayPal $2 is a good price that I pay. 

    2. K 13

      K 13

      Now tf2 key is more expensive than CSGO keys LAMO

  10. ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

    Khaos is tryna make my gf change her name ;_; https://marketplace.tf/shop/jarrodtrim

  11. ksolis01

    Anti-freeze beak vs. sunbeams pencil pusher plus like a small sweet


    Gut is telling me beak. I am very sure my gut is right but it is also telling me to go eat a banana rn at midnight so is it right?

    1. Julia


      Beak very easily

    2. Lila Mond

      Lila Mond

      beak because pusher is gey.

  12. Julia

    When you meant to type 2200 but you type 220



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    2. Julia
    3. ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

      ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

      His profile omf:

      you lucky piece of shit you dont even know hot to play this game and your not even good and ofcourse you get the golden pan i hope you get murderd by someone cutting all youre skin with a hot butter knife then you take a bath of salt and i hope you die a slow painfull death you lucky cunt fuck you fuck gaben for giving you 3k when you are just lucky please kill yourslef as this is your lucky moment you cunt.


      His response:

      if I do decide to trade it I will only consider an offer with unusual el jefe(high quality)

    4. Bobsplosion


      Ah, so that's why people keep those low-ass buy orders.

  13. Taconinja

    Also if anyone has a pro ks neon or phlog for a reasonable price with a non shit effect/sheen let me know.

  14. Taconinja

    What trade site do people use nowadays? Logged on to outpost for the first time in forever and its filled with retards putting marketplace.tf shit up on there.

    1. Weedoof


      Backpack.tf and outpost are still the main ones, but marketplace is pretty big if you want to buy/sell for cash.

    2. ksolis01


      Marketplace is meta now. Just put everything on marketplace and then you can also advertise it on outpost and bp tf. 

    3. Taconinja


      I don't want to buy/sell for cash tho lmao

  15. Khaos

    If your name starts with a b, I want to give you my d.

    1. ♥Nick♥



    2. Mrs TS

      Mrs TS

      Not sure Bob is gonna like that

  16. V1nce

    What club should I start in hs?


    Me and a friend are planning on starting a club to get leadership experience; we r already on track to become officers of existing ones, but want to start our own.

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    2. ♥Nick♥


      how about a comedic social society, or memes, club

    3. DrDavid52


      Cybersecurity club https://www.uscyberpatriot.org

    4. Xergoyf


      tf2 trading club lmao glhf

  17. Khaos


    1. Tako



    2. Weedoof


      /r/nofap in a nutshell

  18. DrDavid52

    1. ksolis01


      Whatever the sales in the trade history are in the short term. I say a 100 long term.

  19. Yesterday
  20. Weedoof

    Good news: I found a Black Friday deal for a $15 mouse with a $15 rebate, and a combo for the cpu and motherboard i was looking at for the cost of the cpu on its own. Bad news: I bought a mouse + mobo two weeks ago, and sent in the UPC from the mobo the other day for its $10 rebate.


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    2. Mrs TS

      Mrs TS

      The spare mouse will never go to waste.....you'll use it some day.

    3. ksolis01



    4. Weedoof


      Mouse sold out half an hour after I posted the status sorry

  21. TheWiz

    Realistic amount a Scorching Lucky Shot can get?

    1. ksolis01


      Don’t bother trying to get pure. Get bp tf price is good downgrades.

  22. Julia


    1. ♥Nick♥



  23. Weedoof

    A glimpse of what could have been.


  24. Khaos

    Test in 2 hours, just fuck my shit up fam

    1. ksolis01


      Get high and you will do well.

  25. AdamWTS

    Is there an in-depth guide how to utilize the Dragon's Fury? Because I tried googling it but all I got was an essay explaining how people are able to live with a half of a brain

    1. ѕιи


      Aim and hit mouse 1 on people but don't shoot when they're far away/for no reason when you've hit a lot of consistent shots.

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