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  1. Today
  2. Kevin the Chicken God

    are there any sites that give round by round gamelogs for csgo events?

  3. ♥Nick♥

    Stefán Karl Stefánsson died. Time to go on a "We are Number One" marathon.

    1. ♥Nick♥



  4. Yesterday
  5. no_clue97

    Is there a filter to remove bots from classifieds?

    1. ѕιи


      just remove your listings :geel:

  6. Grimes

    how to stop unboxing addiction? 

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    2. no_clue97


      Delete paypal, sell all cyrpto, throw away debit and credit cards, cash out your bank account.

    3. Vrakos Anthrakir

      Vrakos Anthrakir

      ^ you forgot to burn the cash afterwords

    4. Acid Rap

      Acid Rap

      just dont retard

  7. Last week
  8. JayTee

    Anyone got a spare bloodsport.tv key from the giveaway i can give to a friend? cheers

  9. Mr. Omani

    Cloudy Moon Noble Amassment of Hats + 20 keys in items Vs My Sunbeams Dr's Dapper Topper?

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    2. unstopaBULLY


      EZ CM

    3. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      good trade

    4. JayTee


      Based off hat/effect I would of kept the dapper. But who knows, maybe the noble sells better.

  10. Mr. Omani

    1. unstopaBULLY


      That's a marked scammer, so NO.

    2. Findiculous


      Check their main profile instead of inventory profile and it will tell you the reason for ban.


    3. Julia
  11. phenompak


    1. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      fuckking gold cock

  12. 3.50

    TT servers lately have been full of some of the very worst people that I've ever encountered.  And I've waded through almost 200 tours of 2 Cities with mostly randoms, so that's saying something.

    1. ksolis01



  13. Mew2!

    I accidentally got someone scammed...

    Now i feel guilty.

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    2. Apo



    3. ksolis01


      Dude, story. This is low key blue balling.

    4. Mew2!


      I was asking for pure on my boxcar bomber. The other guy had a green energy chill chullo and he really wanted my boxcar bomber as it was his dream unusual. Apparently, a scammer had already added him and he thought he could quickly get the pure. The scammer uses a bitskins bot to scam him and i told him that bitskins was legit.


      I feel really bad about this, he knew the guy was a scammer but i told him bitskins was legit and he trusted me...

  14. Wokath

    feels weird missing these Unusual Pricing Event when before I got genuinely excited for them.

    1. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      Wow, look at this square over here.

  15. Diamond jozu

    just saw this



    what does this crate contain?i know it contains the old and rare festive weapons and some hats but just wanna know what it has.i've never even seen this crate being unboxed on youtube from any old videos

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    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      It would be so nice if we could ever unbox these crates one last time...

    3. regi


      Yeah, I've got no idea what's in them either. Baffled as to why they're worth more, haha.

    4. ksolis01


      Collectible probably 

  16. Vrakos Anthrakir

    Anyone else ever gotten an automated email from steam  about "a query made by a Steam user to discover all account names associated with this CD key."

    1. rafiozol


      enter a key that was used -> click on that button -> receive email to your inbox

  17. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


    1. 3.50


      Geel exit scam

  18. ♥Nick♥

    Disenchantment is on Netflix now

    1. OverduePixels



  19. Kevin the Chicken God

    https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198049834485 almost 7 years of trading and am back to where I started :)

    1. rafiozol


      dude when mod

    2. Kevin the Chicken God

      Kevin the Chicken God

      just have to hear back from polar on that

    3. OverduePixels


      Now next goal, going back to where you were 1 week ago.

  20. Rainford

    only real nibbas will remember droboslav

    1. rafiozol


      u lost with hacks to dodger lmaoo

  21. lucak

    my backpack hasn't updated in 2 days, o_o saying steam is down but 2 days...I can't put a hat for sale

    1. Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

      Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

      Spam refresh/have patience

  22. Grimes

    Whats with the influx of '100% legit' brokering 'services' ?

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    2. 3.50


      1 hour ago, Torb | Elite Spell Trader™ said:

      If you want someone to broker for you, only give them items you'd be fine with losing. If your answer is none then don't use a broker

      Nobody is actually going to be fine with losing hats in that manner.  Even if the loss in value meant nothing, almost everyone in the world would be pissed about being stolen from. 


      So nobody should ever use a broker.


      Or, maybe brokers should get their shit together and learn how to sell things without needing to have them in their inventory, so people don't have to take that risk.  I've negotiated deals for plenty of my hats while they were listed on the SCM, on an alt, or otherwise not in my inventory.  Anyone who can't or won't work with that is either not worth paying in the first place, or dishonest.

    3. Rainford


      i've been brokering for a few months now and nobody has had any issues with me yet. currently brokering a ~350 key misc and all is going smoothly

    4. ksolis01



      Everything is fine until it isn’t. I wouldn’t trust anybody on here, not even you.

  23. Rambro

    72f411d015.png*sad trombone*

    1. phenompak


      UHhhH I MeAnT 1:1 In ThE WoRlD ThAt Is On ThE MaRkEt

    2. human__


      2 hours ago, phenompak said:

      UHhhH I MeAnT 1:1 In ThE WoRlD ThAt Is On ThE MaRkEt


  24. Mengh facepalms.

    > inb4 people are selling their reputable steam accounts to scammers and the most unsuspecting and easiest way to get some free unusuals is to do some good ol' brokering

    1. Baloo


      meh seems like high effort and medium-risk for a low reward.

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