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  2. whats wrong with this dude?

    Don't post stuff like this on the forums, reporting the trust is sufficient.
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  4. Hey guys. I currently have this Burning Beanie which is the only one in existence that isn't strange. It has a very short clean history. The only other one on the market is strange and has a B/o of 110 keys. I'd like around 70 pure or pyro/all class unusual overpay offers. Feel free to offer here, on tf2outpost, add me on steam or send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=137767547&token=PEPKfm7O
  5. Clean, nice effect, only one on the market, https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=393851119&token=1KdjDpZf
  6. whats wrong with this dude?

    ahhh yes, that guy, he traded me back in January and low balled the heck out of my unusuals, saying my Stormy Storm Tyrannus + Vivid Plasma Gauzed Gaze was only worth 20 keys (In total Priced at 52) while offering a Voltaic Hat Protector Phononaut (Sellers at 25) + 3 Keys and that it was a good deal. After rejecting the offer multiple times he started to swear a ton saying that I should cancel the trade even though he was the one who offered first. Basically that's just his attitude, no Idea why people would want to trade with him though
  7. wts Selling unusuals

    Sure.. Add me
  8. manncojackpot.com rigging bets

    What the hell do you expect
  9. whats wrong with this dude?

    Hm well, report the - trust and move on
  10. unusual question

    got it, I'll check that out thanks!
  11. unusual question

    Check the stats page for past history. Does it show 2 at any point in time? Means the other one is in a private bp or the SCM. For it to be 1/1 forever, it only applies to retired miscs or locked crates I think. Sleeveless, le party, those kind. Else as long as the crate is still uncratable, it has a chance of being unboxed.
  12. unusual question

    so I've been playing tf2 about 7 years now and through that time I've come across a few unusuals. Now that I've begun unusual trading, I traded up to one that displays as 1/1 on it's stat page. of course I recognize this means it is 1/1 among non-private backpacks that have come in contact with backpack.tf but I'm curious if theres any way to validate whether my unusual really is 1/1 overall or could be 1/1 forever?
  13. Angelcake

    Did tf2 die

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    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      did we die?

    3. Apo


      when were you when trading dies

    4. Weedoof


      i was sit at home when pjotr ring

      'trading is kill'


  14. whats wrong with this dude?

    YOu can probably ask if vatican city will take action against him, by asking admin on that discord.
  15. unstopaBULLY

    I need a good heavy loadout, at least two unusual effects (Halloween, robo or EOTL) and have to actually be wearable together as well as be realistic I.E. Putting a 1/1 hat that is in DCG's backpack as part of my dream set

    1. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      i do have a heavy loadout which is a meme loadout tho.the hat might be hard to get

  16. i was in the vatican trading server when this user with the name called 'Lamb Wid Da Plan(Collector)' started insultinng other people for no actual reasons.I proceeded to say 'hi' and he started saying things like 'oh you gonna report me?i'll report you and take a screenshot of this' some shit like that.I didn't take this seriously at all until he actually put a false untrust on me yesterday claiming I was harrassing Lamb.Yes,I did say one thing about him by saying his inventory was trash but I only said it because i thought he was using some bind joke due to his typing was too fast.i managed to remove the first untrust he put and now he has put another false trust claiming I'm a sharker with zero evidence. Here's a screenshot of both the untrust he left on: https://gyazo.com/67ca9a744b5ab0a5fc93b037442837a2 what actions can this be taken?
  17. SFM Posters and Profiles!

  18. !!!! DISCOUNT !!!! Screenshot included below ! Selling this : 8 keys or offer Unusual Taunt: The Soviet Strongarm ★ Unusual Effect: Fountain of Delight Gay Meta <3 ▣ INSTANT TRADE 24/7 BOT ▣ MOBILE ENABLED✔ SEND A TRADE OFFER BEST PRICE ON THE MARKET ! #1 ON UNUSUAL DISCOUNT ! Screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/hUUFL https://imgur.com/a/M1kbV
  19. Apparently this is Half life now

    Man, they should've at least kept with tradition and given us a tf2 promo item, like a Moogle or Chocobo hat.
  20. Apparently this is Half life now

    Gordon Freeman is now Aaron Marino from Alpha M.
  21. ksolis01

    I sold my soul to Geel for a key.

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    2. Budi


      I did. I could care less if he gets my mailing address. I'll take the free $2.00. 

    3. Geel


      We already have all of your addresses...

    4. ♥Nick♥


      stalking me? next thing I know you're taking a shower in my house

  22. Idk what to do with this information

    Making a suggestion after he declined your first offer so you can try to swindle him with your bad offer. lol wot a meme. I saw you made a suggestion right as he bought the haunted ghosts noh mercy. I know price targeting is allowed but it is frowned upon, thats kind of a dick move dude.
  23. 42isTooShort

    Marketplace wants to know where you live.... /s



    But hey, you get $2!

    1. Weedoof


      I might just verify my address and continue not using the site like I've been doing tbh

  24. wts Chromatic Corruption GBH Base Metal Billycock

    Woah. are they still active? if not then this is pretty rare.
  25. wts Chromatic Corruption GBH Base Metal Billycock

  26. wts Chromatic Corruption GBH Base Metal Billycock

    Never, it is still with the un-boxer.
  27. wts Chromatic Corruption GBH Base Metal Billycock

    Woah. That's actually really cool. when was the other one traded?
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