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  2. Eldric Liaz

    Is brokering for a banned user on both bp.tf and outpost bannable on Outpost?

    1. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      Yes, as it's basically circumventing the ban.

    2. thecityburns2day


      I thought it depended on what they are banned for?

    3. Teeny Tiny Cat

      Teeny Tiny Cat

      If they're banned on outpost, you can't list their items on outpost regardless of what the ban is for.
      Same with backpack.tf

  3. Weedoof

    Somehow I ended up with three dog pokemon on my team in ultra sun

    1. ThePickleCat



    2. Weedoof


      why would i be sorry lmao dogs are great

  4. wtb Doublecposted.

    Dunno why this doublemposted.
  5. title says it i prefer trade offers or offers here
  6. wtb Buying Backpacks for Pure (25-2000 keys)

    that's fine, thanks anyways
  7. Buying quicksells with 300 keys Typically looking for 35-50% off unusual hats (dependant on tier/hat/effect) I will pay 9 keys for ANY unusual taunt Send me a trade offer or comment here. Do not add me
  8. Upgrading 2 lowtiers for 50+ key hat

    Title explains it alot, looking for a nice 50 key all class or good non inflated hat for a stormy storm chieftains challenge + haunted ghosts base metal billycock Offers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=251180028&token=-ZxSsHmt
  9. ' is taking in as a quotation in both html and java so maybe filter out ' when importing the name in? *Addressed to developers
  10. Would a circling peace sign nuke be a paradox? 🤔
  11. If u really buy from steam store they give u cd key instead of steam gift ?
  12. Hello everyone, i unboxed this on 20 November 2017 at 13:40:33 (timestamp based on screenshot i took right when i unboxed it.) Currently still un-tradeable and is the only one i could find with that effect in the world. I checked every tf2 trading website i could find. here are some screenshots i have of me unboxing it, and of it ingame on both classes. https://imgur.com/a/yp7Ro It looks amazing on the heavy with some of the new cosmetics and soldier looks hella good aswel! It has no pricing yet and seeing as it is possibly the first in the world of this effect i have no idea what i could fetch for it. I'd like to get 40+ keys for it if possible. Taking offers aswell. pure only unless the offer is of significant unusual overpay. Will trade it as soon as it's tradeable. which is next monday Please do not randomly add me to offer directly via steam, do it here. as i don't accept random people.
  13. Happysedits

    1. ksolis01


      Out of all the cool tf2 reddit posts, you gotta pick that one?

  14. Salvage

    1. ThePickleCat


      Little Pixel. It looks like he either traded csgo stuff for it(because thats what the previous owner played) or he got it for free http://steamcommunity.com/id/B0725

    2. Salvage


      Thank you!

  15. Selling the Burning Flames Stout Shako with white paint for 55 keys! Nice looking and dirt cheap. Bp.tf price: 62 keys. Currently looking for Pure offers, Unusual offers for the soldier and Item offers. Item offers that include the Max Severed Head, or Australium offers. Item offers are 70. Unusual offers are 80 keys. Bookmark my trade if your interested in this nice looking hat with a kick ass burning effect. No unusual taunts, no unusual skins, nor 3rd gens. Thank you and happy trading!
  16. wts Selling a Bonzo unusual

    I got a 1 of 1 cloudy moon physician protector .Interested?
  17. Need Help On Unusual War Paint Pricing

    Alright, thanks for the advice.
  18. Tasty Salamanders

    Wait, the War Paint Keyless Cases use a line feed character in their name instead of a space? What's up with that?

  19. The unusual is a Bonzo Tartan Tyrolean It is clean and one of two in existence, only one on the market If you are interested send me a trade offer or add me. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=174000971&token=r8TlAera
  20. What are you selling? A game called "Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition" What's the game about? Check the Steam Store Page here How much is the original Steam price? I bought it for $9.86 (4.85 keys or 164.33 ref) How much are you selling it? I'm selling one copy for 2 keys (Hugely Discounted) Did you get this for free? No, I am aware that this game went free on Humble Bundle Store a couple of days ago. But I bought this one legally from the Steam Store. What is the Platform of the game? It can be played only on Windows PC's with the Steam Client Can you give me your opinion about this game? Sure: Killer is Dead has a lot of batshit crazy stuff going for it, as well as loads of hack 'n slash action. It's one of those where games you will constantly think: "What the f*ck is even going on right now?" It's made by SUDA51, so it should be no surprise - but I feel it could've been much longer. Pros: - The stylish anime style is very pretty to look at. At first it can be a bit disorientating, but you'll get used to it. - Combat is good enough to be fun. Nothing spectacular, it's alright. - Story is f*cking nuts! I loved every second of it even if it made zero sense. - Weird minigames exists other than the main levels... and they are interesting to say the least. In some of those minigames you'll be charming girls to fall in love with you by staring at their chests... yeah, just find out yourself. I have no idea. Cons: - Not that many combos. It really needed way more combos. - Really short. The game consists of 12 levels. - Cliffhanger ending, god dammit. I am interested, How can I contact you? You can add me on Steam (required) or leave a reply below and I'll respond as soon as I can. This is a Limited-Time Offer. This will expire on November 30, 2017.
  21. Selling Unusual Hellish Inferno Spy Taunt (Buy a Life) 17 keys, Will take Unusual pay!
  22. Miss Waifu

    After 2-3 years not trading, im back

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  24. Buying/Selling Keys via BTC BOT

    A trade tread must stand on itself to comply with our rules. Locking.
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