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Dropping out, a crush and everything in between



Yes, I love mass media as my major, I have a goal to change a lot in my world (middle east, we suck atm) but there is no single day that passes by that I don't think of dropping out from my major, seeing the future subjects and the amount of bullshit that I will never benefit from (except killing my gpa) .. I think to myself that I can save all the money that Dad pisses on slightly useless education, study a diploma that will take what a year or two and with the same amount of info that i will spend 4 years taking and spending much more, eh thinking about it more and more just hurts my head, whateva.


Having a Syrian nationality is probably the worst thing that you won't even wish your worst enemy to have, I'm stuck with it and it is really a pain in the ass, I can't work here (Jordan), can't get a car, can't work, they barely even let me in at first .. but I have this friend of mine that introduced me to a direct trade (i think?) company that I can work in either by selling products or getting new employees to join, i'm going to see them tomorrow, while I don't think that it will work out (because I suck socially and i need to be super social to work properly) i will give a shot, seeing how much Dad spends on my siblings and I it will be welcome to have my own income, I would love to work in a restaurant or whatever but sadly i can't .. fuck war yeah.


I met this girl in senior year of high-school, she have this retarded boyfriend (well tbh she wasn't that smart at that time either) .. we started talking a lot , I learnt nearly everything about her (and her tragic life story, suddenly she transferred from that not smart girl to a girl that I adore and really like, never judge a book by its cover eh) and she knew shit-ton about me as well, she was the friend that I could always lean on when I couldn't share with family or normal friends and it was awesome. She broke up with that dickhead when he moved away to university .. I never really confessed my love for her because I know I am not ready and i'm not ready to break her heart that she is still trying to heal, yes I tried (and did) confess my love to her, I also explained that i don't think am ready and she said the same .. good think we are still really close best friends even if we are in different countries and might never meet again, oh how things change in 2 years.


Life is a roller coaster and is a good one if you accept that bad things that can happen to you, enjoy it while it lasts

< a very nice song :D


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