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Isolation is a gift.



Sometimes when you feel like you are a pile of crap, you just want to be gone, forgotten, alone and not talking to anybody, you feel like you are worthless, and why would anyone besides your parents care about you .. and this feeling sucks; but it is incredibly satisfying.


Being alone, away from social media, away from friends and loved ones, on paper, is hard .. but sometimes you have to take the chance to just sit with yourself, evaluate your life, know your true friends from normal mates, see the world from others point of view, self shame and judge .. it is tough yet incredibly rewarding and refreshing.


Turn off Facebook, Snapchat, Instgram or whatever you use to see and stalk other humans .. find something more exciting to do, listen to music, write, read and at night close the lights and sit with yourself, have a quick chat and embrace it and then go on and take over the world.


After all, we gotta surround ourselves by people who truly love you and care for you, family and friends are a real treat and cure from life beatings.




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