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About this blog

Here is where I write random stuff, when I feel like it. Why? Why not? It is up to you.

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Alfie Omega

Fake Words with Alfie Omega! 6

homophone to note


(of a topic) know nothing of


I wish I could help her, but I knowt her problem.


From English word know and British colloquial nowt meaning nothing.

Alfie Omega

Fake Words with Alfie Omega! 5

also bongolataed
(of a name or word) to read so quickly an unfamiliar word in an attempt to say it fluently, that an incorrect mispronunciation and soon after, an incorrect spelling is formed


The Overwatch community bongolataed Overwatch's 24th hero, Orisa, forming the common misspelling Orsia.


My cousin, Lolek Bongalonta.
I never knew my cousin's last name, just knew him as Lolek. I was interested in finding his last name one time, and searched on Facebook. I saw the name for a good half a second and went on with my life. For 2 whole years, I thought his name was Bongolata, until the truth destroyed me.

Alfie Omega

Fake words with Alfie Omega! 4





also egalisise, egaliside,


(in a video game) Specialisation in a video game character


He had much egalis as the Soldier in Team Fortress 2, such that playing Pharah was a seamless transition.

Alfie Omega

Fake words with Alfie Omega! 3



The act of intentionally using the grammar in a sentence incorrectly in order to emphasize a comparison beyond the superlative.


(Well, I don't know how to make a sentence of this, so I'll just use it instead of making a contextual sentence of it.)


"Your performance was the worstest of all of them."
"You're more stupider than my stupid brain!"

Alfie Omega

Fake words with Alfie Omega! 2

Long time since I did this.


The act of using a clearly fake word in order to make the fake word in question rhyme with another.


"Josh is a horrible poet for making frequent use of desperhyme in his poems."

Alfie Omega

I love her

I thought that I wouldn't have a "plan" for life. I would just work and live alone in life. I contemplated the thought of having a child and thought it might be a good idea. I didn't really think much about it until that point. It started slowly. First, I thought that I'd prefer having a daughter, then I thought of a name, then her full name; then into other things like whether she'd like her name, how much she'd love me, how much she'd hate me, and I could keep going on. I felt those wonders and sorrows that she would give me in my life and I'd not care too much for I'd still love her for being my daughter. Then I realized something. This was not a child that I could maintain, nor even get into my hands. I imagined myself working somewhere low-paying but manageable. At the very worst, I imagined working at McDonalds getting barely the amount of money needed to pay for rent. Adding a child into that mix would mean not being able to support them, letting them dying by my hands, and I couldn't accept that. I'd decided from then I'd work harder, to give my very best and to make the feeling of hopelessness subside.


I'm still a young lad. I'm too young to be even thinking this far into the future. I used that excuse for every emotion that I felt. "No. I'm not sad. I'm just an edgy teenager that believes they're sad. My feelings are not real. You should not have feelings like this." I'd keep saying this to just stop feeling any emotion I didn't want to feel. Of course, it never worked but I felt better trying. I face now the question of "Should I keep pursuing this goal or deal with it later?" "Your love for the daughter you plan to have is not real. You are just an edgy teenager that has 'feelings'." My problem with these thoughts is that I do love her. I know I love her. I tell myself that I do every day. Yet I still think my feelings are not real, that they are created by my mind because I'm a "stupid and an edgy teenager", that I feel that I shouldn't be working harder because I don't love her.


I hate to sound so redundant, but I do love her.


I'm sorry that the writing is so sloppy. I just wanted a place to let it off my chest as fast as possible, and this place seemed best to do that.


TL;DR: Having a daughter sounds great, but can I support her? Are my feelings even real?
DRTTL;DRBIWTL: Daughter, support? Feelings, real?

Alfie Omega


This is nothing.
All it is is a three-word phrase.
But it's still something.


Just kidding, I'm using this blog post as an excuse to upload my next signature, which is actually my written signature.

Alfie Omega

Fake words with Alfie Omega! 1

Starting off a new thing which I hope I will continue in the future unlike the other ones I've left in the dust. Here, I display to you words that I made up off the top of my head, as well as presenting definitions, pronunciations, and the like.


(Ah-mur-it)1' , (Uh-meer-eh-tea)

Amirite1' | Amirity2' - 1; confirm (v) 2; accurate (adj)

1) Can you amirite1' his current whereabouts? ; 2) Have you ensured the amirite of his statement?


Leave a comment to suggest new words!

Alfie Omega

Some small commitments.

500 posts - Change profile picture to SilverSpeed's original picture. Member title to "Child of Purity".

666 posts - Become Cyan 2.0, use original picture and stay in Great Below forever.

Alfie Omega

Yulhonershliher: 1

If you are making a language, make sure it does not collide with another.


I found that my word for "I" (isten) is the word for "God" in Hungarian.


Hopefully that won't happen again.

Alfie Omega

I am creating a language.

So, yeah.


It's been 4 months and 14 days since I made the first word.


If you were on the Sourcerep chats, I was often there speaking it.


Was very fun.


How are you?

Alfie Omega

I am bound by honour...

...and stupidity.


I am the Alpha. I am the Omega.

I have done many idiotic things.

Some I am not proud of, some I show in pride.

There were times when I thought there were no consequences.

As well as times where I ran head in and laughed at what would come.


I have made a mistake.

I acknowledge this.

All my slow, idiotically young life, I have always sought mistakes.

As known by many, failures make you learn more than your successes.



The only dream in life I have is to learn, to know, and to understand.

I want to fail. I want to make mistakes. I want to know.


Thank you Cashew, thank you pudding, thank you clever.

Thanks to everyone.

I love all of you.

I will never forget that.

Alfie Omega

Pronunciation Guesses: Mikusch

Yes, this old guy! What do I think about him? I don't know, I've never seen him. However, his name has clearly confused me, so let's go!


Main Guesses:









Other Guesses:








Alfie Omega

Pronunciation Guesses: Ixenzo

So, here on Pronunciation Guesses, I search out a name I am confused of on how to pronounce, and I will list all guesses of said name. The first person I'd like to guess on is our very own Ixenzo! Ixenzo was the person who inspired me to create this once I declared him the second d0!

(d0 is a well known price suggestor who has a confusing name, however, he has already stated how it is pronounced, so we have no guesses for him!)

I'll create a new entry when I have thought of more!


Main Guesses:






Other guesses:









Well, that's all I can think of right now, next up, Mikusch!

Alfie Omega

Alfie's Temporary Leave of Absence

Yeah... I've realised I've made some mistakes... some I think you can interpret yourself.


It was just some good, light-hearted jokes. Some jokes that some would consider evil if they understood. I consider these thoughts an abomination.


I never want to show off how much I listen, how much I learn, and how much I understand. I am but an ignorant fool. I am only in a beginner's class, yet I strive to learn more everyday.


I can't really think of how to describe it anymore. I'm too sleepy at the time of publication.


Might be gone a week or so, wait things to die down...




I mean, it's just-




It's hard to explain everything at 11:33 AM.


Eh, white.



Alfie Omega

Everyday, when I'm doing my Math homework, I sometimes fall asleep on my couch. The lights are left on, and and I waste electricity. I decided to go to my apartment's lounge to do it there. They serve free food, and it was least likely I would fall asleep there. When I got there, some servants served me some tea, biscuits, and and orange juice. Once I was finished with that, they would supply more. I didn't even ask them for any, and they gave me some anyway.


Ascott IFC has the best servants! Why don't you live there?



Alfie Omega

Tales from the Chinese Teacher: 1

Tales from the Chinese Teacher, where I share with you the stories from my Chinese teacher she brings along her lessons.


If it has not been made clear, Chinese is a tonal language; which means that how you say a word will determine its meaning. There are 4 tones in Mandarin Chinese. Some students would listen and understand these tones; while executing their sounds perfectly; or in the least, good enough. Of course, there are students who fail at these tasks and have no grasp of the tones. Such was the story of one of the students at Rice University where my teacher taught before currently teaching at the American International School of Guangzhou.


This student, who will be left unnamed, had a very good knowledge of the vocabularies of Chinese, but did not have a good grasp of the tones. He was invited by his penpal to go to Taiwan. His penpal was learning English. Of course when he arrived, he wanted to show off his knowledge in Chinese. He went to a restaurant, and asked some Taiwanese waitresses for some dumplings. Well, that's what he thought he said.


He thought he had said if he could have some 水饺 (ShuÇjiÇŽo) or dumplings from them. He had actually asked the waitresses if he could have some ç¡è§‰ (Shuìjiào) or sleep with them. Because he had said the tones wrong, he said completely different words. He had asked the waitresses to have some sleep from them! He was then immediately told to go away. "去你的!" He then called my teacher and asked why the Taiwanese waitresses were so mean to him.


"Teacher, why were the Taiwanese waitresses so mean to me?"

"Well, what did you say to them?"

"I asked if I could have some...ç¡è§‰."

"Oh, that's why."


When he went to see his penpal, she brought her mother. When they met up, he complemented the mother on her daughter's skin. Again, that's what he thought he said.


He thought he had said that her daughter had a very nice looking 皮肤 (PífÅ«) or skin. Instead, he had actually said her daughter had a very nice looking å±è‚¡ (Pìgu) or butt. Again, he had said the tones wrong, and even pronounced what he meant to say wrong! He had said to the mother that her daughter had a very nice butt! He was then slapped by the mother and was told to go away again.


Not related to tones, he had gone to the airport the next day to return to Rice University after all the bad things that had happened to him. When going through immigration, he was asked what his name was. After replying, they asked what was the surname. He even described it himself: "In that moment, I forgot everything about Chinese. Every word, every combination, and every lesson." After returning to Rice University, he decided that he would retake Chinese. He retook Chinese 1 Beginner Classes in order to not make such a mistake again.


If you neglect your tones, you're going to have some trouble... this story is a very good reminder for every learner to say the tones right.


No, not Korean! Chinese!

Alfie Omega

Darn you little Chinese girls!

On a golf course near my apartment, I saw someone gather sand and drop it in the ground and form a heart shape. After that person left, I got a golf club and drew the Chinese character for love in the middle and drew little designs. After I was satisfied with the result, l wrote my name on a nearby sand pile. While I was doing that, some girls in green jackets came to me.


After I had finished engraving my name on the sand, I left to return the club. As I was getting out, I saw the little girls get all the sand they could and dropped it on my work. They also got a golf club and engraved large crosses spanning the whole heart of sand. I couldn't even stop them because they were Chinese, and probably didn't speak any English. Although I enjoy studying Chinese, I don't know enough to ask them to stop.


There was a party nearby that I needed to return to, and when I explained my scenario to my friends and family as to why I went missing, one of them told me that the girls with green jackets visited their room, got rocks and threw them at many windows.



Alfie Omega

The Learner's Words : 3

*sigh* Sure, there are problems of reading in China, but there are even more things to care about when you go to your hometown for the holidays...


1) Speaking of what I know.

I am pressured to show my relatives and friends how much I know. I'm always saying the same words: "Hello, my name is Josh. I am a Philippine person. I am also an American person..." and so on because I studied a little Chinese. It does seem fun to show my progress in Chinese, but it does get repetitive.


2) Writing of what I know.

It's the same as the top. I get bored sometimes, and I combat that with writing all the Chinese I know. Sorting countries, cities, languages... but when you are doing it in the front of your 6-7 year old cousins, they will question what this means, what that meant... it's not bad being the teacher at times but it's still very repetitive.


3) Speaking and writing in front of your Chinese aunts and uncles.

This time, it's not repetitive, but fear-inducing. What will they say of my Chinese? Is my pronunciation any good? Did I miss a stroke? It's not as bad as your little cousins, because they won't see a single error, but you need to be a bit more watchful around those who can actually see the errors. Such as my Japanese uncle....


"Your 'Sha' is wrong!", "Inverted stroke order.", "Lai! Like 'lie'! Not Lei!"


Eh, I like being corrected. I just prefer those words coming out from my Chinese teacher more than my relatives that I don't have a single memory of... 对ä¸èµ·...


Until the next time, å†è§ï¼

Alfie Omega

The Learner's Words : 2

Yes, you should notice that change.


Choco rekt me at combinations.

United States of America approves China for being the Beautiful Kingdom.


Anyway, today it's the problems of living in China with characters everywhere when you know some characters already.

Which Choccie can't rek me in.


My first problem with that is that I try to read things I can't understand. Oh sure, some few characters that I know, too many I don't know... it always puts me thinking in my mind saying "What is it? WHAT IS IT YOU FOOL??!??!?!" Then I would give up forever, until I knew what it meant.


Then the next would be seeing characters you are familiar with but they have additional or missing radicals. So, I would always wonder how to say and what 海 would be without the water radical I would see every time at the airport. Or 让 thing I would see everyday on my way to the supermarket. Or 业 without the ground in top (Ya? Ye? Heh heh.) I knew it would be a different character and word entirely, so I would always be annoyed that I couldn't understand it.


Then my last problem would be that one bunch of characters that you CAN read, but you can't understand. I mean, when you see a sign saying "You use but fairly go also don't have science in China." Would you understand that? I would have no problem of reading it, but I would not understand what it would mean in translation.


Eh, all these problems can be solved if I study more...

Except I do study more, but China can't forgive me for not knowing 76,000 characters from birth, I'M SORRY.

Alfie Omega

The Chinese Learner's Words: 1

YAY! The first Learner's Statements! Let's go with it?


I've always questioned how the combination of certain characters would influence it's meaning entirely.


科学 is science.


科 means discipline.


å­¦ is study.


So, disciplined study is science?


Another one would be 德国 or Germany.


å¾· means morals.


国 is kingdom.


Is Germany the Kingdom of Morals?


Then there is Malaysia, 马æ¥è¥¿äºš.


马 : Horse


æ¥ ï¼š Come


西 : West


亚 : Asia


So, does Malaysia have Horses that come from West Asia?


It's a bit unusual for it to have something like this. It doesn't make sense. Beijing (or 北京) means North Capital. Beijing is indeed the North Capital. Hong Kong (or 香港) means Fragrant Harbour. While I am not sure of fragrancy, I am very sure it is a harbour. The names and characters of the places represent what they are, and it is so weird that these other countries have their characters not make sense.


I can do this for a variety of countries, but I will never know why the countries are so called this way.


If someone like Choccie and Peanuts help a new learner, that would be awesome.

Alfie Omega

Unnecessary Math: Golden cooking material

Maybe you've worked hard for it, maybe you haven't done any work, maybe you don't even know about it. You've heard it at least once. Another lucky man or woman, has earned the power of the GOLDEN FRYING PAN. No one sells them, yet they have a price! If you have the money, let's see what it takes to buy yourself a BACKSTABBING WRENCH BAT SHOVEL AXE BOTTLE (fist?) SAW KUKRI PAN. With gold.


Golden Frying Pan: 75-80 buds

Keys in USD: $2.49

Buds in Keys: 16-16.5

$2.49 x 16 = $39.84

$39.84 x 80 = $3187.20


Yeah..., good luck with that... better tours than money.

Alfie Omega

Unnecessary Math: To be the captain

Many of you are aware of the infamous Burning Team Captain. Priced at ~500 buds, it is the most expensive object in the game. If you've got the cash, and are willing to get one through instead of risking it on the crates, this is the place for you!

Blogs aren't so well known, but in case you look around, it's here!


Keys in USD as of October 17: $2.49

Buds in Keys as of October 17: 16-16.5 (It is easier to 16, so let's stick with that.)


16 keys = $39.84 = 1 bud

$39.84 x 520 = $20716.80

$20716.80 / $2.49 = 8320 keys

In short, it requires cost to be the captain with the burning hat.


(Prices will change and I will update it accordingly when I can.)

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