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        All I read was this, and I agree! 
      When I saw this topic I thought it would have been @karma miguel buying iTunes so he could buy a ton of pokemon go stuff before the 1 year event ends   lol
    • DerangedDeadlyDisabledGuy
      Well now....
    • AD⚡HD
      I was wondering how much the spells Voices From Below and Team Spirit Footprints would add    https://backpack.tf/item/2036575411
    • MeFigaYoma
      You seem to be confusing the devaulation of refined comapred to keys in the TF2 economy, and the recent price change of refined compared to US Dollars due to a policy change at backpack.tf. The latter was not a devaulation of refined's value but rather a correction of an inflated value. The whole "pricing refined using refined sales" thing started out when keys were ~3 ref and refined was like 40 cents, meaning people actually bought and sold significant amounts in cash at that value. Now that keys are 30 ref, refined is only worth 6 cents, and nobody wants to buy or sell it for cash since it just isn't worth the hassle. Therefore, the sellers that do sell refined sell it for an inflated price to compensate for the inconvenience of trading it. This makes the previous refined prices on backpack.tf, which used only refined sales, inflated, making the dollar value of everything on the site inflated.   One could argue that the decision to price everything in terms of refined (note that your backpack value is still calculated in terms of refined), then price refined in cash, was shortsighted, as it could have been predicted even in 2012 that refined would eventually become worthless. The whole cash pricing system should have been based on a cash price of keys, with lower tier items based on fractional amounts of that value, not the other way around. Nevertheless, it is how it is, and the developers have indicated that changing the backbone of the website at this point in the time would be immensly complicated and simply not worth the effort. They instead went with the workaround of pricing refined in cash based on key sales (as it should have been in the first place), causing a one-time decrease in the cash price of refined due to a correction of an error.   That has more to do with the refined price in keys, which is a whole different matter and irrelevant to this discussion.   I will argue that the previous system of pricing refined created an "artifical" price, and that the recent correction allows a more "natural" price.   True, but with keys at 30 ref and key profit margins at 1 scrap due to immense bot competition, the margin for error is ~0.4% assuming key prices are kept current. I don't see this as a significant problem, compared to the much more serious problem, in my eyes, of refined being priced in increments of $0.01. With refined currently at ~$0.06, that means the smallest possible increment in price is almost 20%. This is a serious obstacle to the accurate pricing of items in cash on this site.   The "price" of refined on backpack.tf, which arguably has no use other than the site's internal cash pricing algorithms, dropped one cent. Do you see key/cash traders everywhere dropping their prices by 30 cents? No? I thought not, because the previous price of refined implied a wholly inaccurate key price of $2.25. The new value implies a key price of $1.95, which is much closer to the actual value of keys in cash.   By "worth less" you mean a meaningless number on a website has decreased? Because I'm pretty sure whether you tried to cash out before or after the price change, you would have gotten the same amount of money, which in either case would have been less than the previous value, and much closer to the current value, assuming of course you got full price for your items.   also, lol you're wrong