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  2. kajzer

    How to recover

    I just lost 10 ref in a bad trade, but i’ve some pure from it so i can (hopefully) make better trade next time
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  4. ∞Ramses

    What music are you listening to at the moment?

  5. ∞Ramses



    1. rafiozol


      i dont want to see that

    2. phenompak


  6. Bahamo

    How to recover

    You don't, you suck it up and accept it like a man(or woman).
  7. 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    How to recover

    Severe crippling depression is unavoidable, but it'll heal over time.
  8. Roi

    How to recover

    depends on the amount of loss, are we talking about ref, keys or grands?
  9. Tats

    How to recover

    Your question shouldn't be how to recover, but how to make good trades ? Basically if you recover, you will flip low-tier to mid-tier items because you can't afford another bad trade on a high-tier item.
  10. Zeus_Junior

    Scrap.tf issues

    The bot has got like 4 keys pure Not a high chance that you’ll be able to sell your unusual to them
  11. Gabe

    How to recover

    What is this supposed bad trade that your wondering how you're going to recover from?
  12. JayTee


    Someone offered 200 keys on my hat but then bought it for $83... interesting times.

  13. Milk Man

    Scrap.tf issues

    its not that, because they will very quickly (at least, very quickly compared to the hours you describe) tell you its failed because its been disabled, or more likely tell you as you enter the unu selling tab that nope its down. more likely as everyone who participated in the crate depression got at least one unusual, theyre overloading the bots and the bots dont have any keys/ref to give out, like an atm that doesnt have a stockpile until its filled. You'll have to wait until most people have sold their hats and the bot has a more reliable fill of keys and metal, or sell it manually.
  14. thE siLEncE

    Dragon's Fury

    Backpack is not listing it as "selling" at 24 ref, but rather values it at 24 ref. The site however is very inaccurate when pricing decorated weapons with killstreak kits attached, I think it values it the same as without the killstreak. Steam Community Market or scrap.tf auctions are likely the best place to try and sell this.
  15. Jomarcenter

    Need help installing Windows 98 on a PC

    https://www.youtube.com/user/phreakindee check out this youtuber, he basically make review and guides on Old age PC builds and equipment as well installation of old windows OS
  16. Scott Bakula

    I need help pricing an unusual

    Lower than that. Think 2-4 keys. Basically, unless you're dealing with an effect that's not unboxable (i.e. Halloween effects), taunts will just keep dropping because of the rate they keep entering the market.
  17. soz

    How to recover

    Make a bigger bad trade
  18. Jarool

    How to recover

    if you don't make bad trades, you won't have to recover move on, make better trades to make up for the bad trade.
  19. JayTee


    Starting at bots buy order:


  20. RED265

    Just curious about duped unusuals

    If I rmb, lots of criteria. If all copies are dupes, can be raised. If the clean ones haven’t moved in over a year, can be raised but can’t be dropped, etc
  21. Spacemanns are Miscs, so it CANNOT be unboxed anymore! Since they added the case bonus, there has been ZERO other effects of Spacemanns and less than 20 invasion effects exist compare to Phononauts. So the only hats that can be Unusual from the Quarantine cases are, Universal Translator, Corona Australis and Sucker Slug.
  22. Mew2!

    How to recover

    How do you recover after you make a bad trade?
  23. JayTee

    Pixel art comissionss for keys- OPEN

    Honestly I prefer the tactic of Pay half to start and the other half when it's done. Or even what Infernape said, last massive art commision I did (like 6 keys) he gave me a massive watermarked version and then i had to pay (which obviously I did) for the non-watermarked version. These are really sick though and I might buy one!
  24. The Banana Monk

    Cannot buy premium with keys

    Thank you kind sir
  25. Woifi The Viking

    Cannot buy premium with keys

    We already informed a developer about this, be patient please.
  26. Kosmo

    I need help pricing an unusual

    Jesus, that's really cheap, unusual-wise. I don't understand why it's so low. I know unu taunts are pretty low (usually 8-10 keys minimum), but my god that's more cheap then I expected it to be.
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