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  2. JayTee


    If an item is  Whoops!  would it show if it was duped or?

  3. Always be polite, never cheat or scam. A good reputation will net you more profit over time than a scam which will kill your career immediately. I should know, with 350+ trust ratings, and $10,000 cashed out.
  4. Today
  5. Cena

    Anybody has this error?

    didnt you just expose your user name?
  6. rafiozol



  7. rndmchrs

    Anybody has this error?

    Do you mean Steam Achievment Manager?
  8. Hodgybeatz

    I would like to cash out

    Appreciate that response! I am going to try and sell my most valuable items individually and sell the rest for keys.
  9. Khaos


    its finally here

  10. Spyromancer

    Hi everyone what's your trading philosophy

    I personally like to trade my carbon dioxide for oxygen.
  11. Hi everyone today I wanted to ask you a question. I thought we could talk today about strategies and trading techniques that you commonly used to make profits. This is a discussion bust so feel free to say anything that cross your mind about your strategies. For example are you more about large bulk of items or small quantities? High tier/ low tiers? Spells, festivize, and so on? Feel free to brag about your best moments too!;) I can't wait to hear from you all! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ PS: I already have my ways, it's not a tutorial
  12. Diamond jozu


    tho he should've used the status part,not the thread
  13. çlydê


    What's the point of this???
  14. Freak4ever2000™

    Anybody has this error?

    Stream is currently taking care of a leveling exploit that allowed a couple individuals to get to Steam level 28000+. They are back for me tho, so maybe its not just that
  15. Alfie Omega

    Alfie Omega

    The only problem with being able to do creepy voices is that you creep yourself out too

  16. I suggest looking at the guy above me or https://steamcommunity.com/id/FamesGER/ They're both amazing and an inpiration. I may aswell offer my services but I'm not as experienced and defintely cannot do art worth that much, unlike those two.
  17. Py-Bun. If you want some high quality art, you go to her.
  18. Zeus904

    Anybody has this error?

    Steam has routine maintenance on Tuesday so expect bugs like this or an empty looking inventory for a few hours each week. Use https://steamstat.us/ to check up on the current status of everything.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Pixxi0us

    Anybody has this error?

    steam is probably down or you are having a bad internet connection
  21. ☿ Villagentè ☿


    Nice guys , you made him c r y
  22. ☿ Villagentè ☿

    Anybody has this error?

    So I clicked on my profile coz Im bored and I see im level 0. The thing is that if I click on someone's else profile his level is 0 aswell. Do you have this bug or its only me? ._. Look below - https://gyazo.com/f15703758aa5503571b53b7d77185942 https://gyazo.com/55f393f917526ece7ccdaf00911e0a5c
  23. Today’s update unleashes the new Dark Willow Announcer Pack, available to all Battle Pass owners who flutter to Battle Level 75 and above. Featuring the voice of the inimitable Mireska Sunbreeze, this pack replaces the default announcer and mega-kill exclamations with the rogue fae’s take on every game, helping ensure you’ll never miss your mark in battle again. Eligible players can claim the pack from the Battle Pass rewards line, and once unbundled, you can equip the announcer and mega-kills from the Global Items menu in the Heroes tab. Today’s update also includes several fixes that we’ve identified to improve performance in the game client. In other Battle Pass news, we’re nearly complete with work on Immortal Treasure II and the Wrath of the Mo’rokai special event, and expect to unveil both next week. View the full article
  24. Pixxi0us


  25. Le-Sten

    What's your trading philosophy?

    Ok nice, thanks for your answers everyone but it seems you're not the right kind of people I should have asked this question to.🤗
  26. ⇄ | Pollen

    What's your trading philosophy?

    gimme da keys
  27. Joeg

    What's your trading philosophy?

    Buy high, sell low
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