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I log in from time to time because I always tell myself that I need to cash in my backpack for like ~$200 since I'd be better off with that money rather than a bunch of cool hats, a shit ton of white paint, and a bunch of Quackenbirdts, but I haven't made a trade in years and I'm pretty fucking lazy to do anything about it. $200 covers gas for a month y'know?


But man, looking at this website again takes me back. I made most of my suggestions when I was 13-14. I don't know what got me hooked but it was pretty fun to fuck with the market and make some decent money at the same time since I couldn't get a job at the time. This suggestion was made after my first year here and I can't believe I priced over 600 things in that time.  I wanna say that I have a bunch of memorable moments from my "suggesting career" or whatever the hell I should call it, but I can hardly remember shit and I didn't wanna sift through 120 pages of price suggestions, especially when I have a dozen pages of Dota 2 suggestions that I abused super hard to repwhore when Dota 2 pricing was briefly a thing. I think I made 2 suggestions for currency like keys and buds, which I felt was my peak. The thing that I remember the most was being the #6 top contributor on the list and that felt pretty good. I'm still on there now, but at #71 l0l. Basically, I had a vague memory of having a good time.


I think I stopped price suggesting since I started high school and it was a stupid college prep type of thing so that ate up most of my time. I also got a bit bored of tf2 since most of the servers I was a regular on died and Steam added that stupid 2-step authentication shit which pissed me off. I had also been playing since tf2 went f2p, so I had been playing for a good 2-3 years at that point. I got a PS4 so I play on that pretty regularly and I got an actually good PC now. I also started playing League of Legends around this time too, so if you ever saw a guy named NotPan on League that kicked your ass (or fed), that was me. I remember I used to play all my games on some shitty budget laptop but I was still pretty fucking good (not on league though, I'm a gold scrub). I think I logged into Steam every once in a while as well and I definitely felt bad as some of my old friends hit me up and I didn't remember them too much. A lot of life shit happened and I don't remember a lot of things anymore (or maybe my memory is just incredibly shitty), but all those names on my friends list are pretty familiar and I'm sure I had some good memories with them back then. 


I've been wanting to write something like this for a while and I finally got around to it. I don't know if anyone will read this, but if you did then I hope you enjoyed it. I'll probably come back to write more shit about going to college. forks up bois


ps: I gotta put a pic of myself meeting the voice of the sniper somewhere down the line. he acted in a play I watched with my class 2 years ago and I saw him walking down the street and booked it out of the bus and got a pic with him. Man of La Mancha was sick too btw I'd recommend it


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