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Top 5 YouTubers & Streamers: May 2016



Presenting the month's top YouTubers and streamers, ranked by their stats!




Click here to view the article source. Here are the some highlights:


#5: Tagg


Tagg's no stranger to the TF2 scene, though this period marks only his second appearance on the list. Tagg took advantage of NISLT's month-long disappearance to remain at #5. NISLT usually ranks #3 or #4 on the list, and last period marked the first time that he placed out of the top 5. NISLT returned to YouTube on June 7th and has promised to explain his disappearance in a future video. It'll be interesting to see if Tagg can extend his run for a third straight period; he has a leg up on Twitch, but NISLT usually generates 10+ times the amount of YouTube activity. Fun fact: Tagg streamed eight different games on Twitch during the past month. His most streamed game was (this should come as no surprise) TF2.


#3: Uncle Dane


Congrats to Uncle Dane for reaching 200k YouTube subscribers! To celebrate the occasion, he dropped a 20-minute TF2 parody mixtape filled with references that only TF2 players will understand. Listen to the songs in the video below, or check out the individual songs on Bandcamp. Uncle Dane also started his first t-shirt campaign. Shirts are only available until June 20th, so act quickly!


#1: Muselk


Muselk dominated the TF2 YouTube scene this period. His new YouTube subscriber and new video view totals are nearly 10 times that of any other creator on the list. Muselk recently played TF2 on a virtual reality device. See how he fared in the video below. Warning: the recording of Muselk's POV will appear curved due to the properties of the headset. It's especially noticeable when you look at the on-screen text.



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