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Top 5 YouTubers & Streamers: April 2016




Presenting the month's top YouTubers and streamers, ranked by their stats!




Click here to view the article source. Here are the some highlights:


#5: Tagg


Join us in welcoming Tagg to the top 5! Tagg is a former competitive player who made the transition to entertaining viewers on Twitch and YouTube. He placed #1 in ESEA seasons 13 and 14, during which he teamed with B4nny on High Rollers Gaming. Check out a highlight from Tagg's stream below! It features an appearance from Ster, who still plays but no longer makes TF2 videos.



#4: siN (NISLT)


NISLT only uploaded seven videos during this period, which is fewer than half his regular output. His latest video, which you can check out below, was uploaded on April 19th. This isn't the first time that NISLT has gone MIA; he took a break late last year to handle some IRL commitments. NISLT is generally quiet on social media, only taking time to post links to his videos, so we haven't seen any official announcements from the man himself. His YouTube video comments are filled with subscribers wondering what's up.


#3: Uncle Dane


Uncle Dane, the master engineer, is closing in on 200k YouTube subscribers! At his current pace, he should reach the milestone during June. In the video below, Dane teaches fellow engineers how to deal with pesky spies. In less exciting YouTube news, Dane's Sentry Beep video (which contains a song parodying Drake's Hotline Bling) was claimed by EMI. The video is still viewable, but Dane will no longer receive ad revenue from it.


#2: B4nny


Earlier this month, B4nny and team Froyotech took 1st place at ESEA Season 21. It was a nice return to form after they placed 3rd during the previous season. B4nny has been reviewing his Twitch subscribers' demo gameplay on stream. B4nny's goal, as stated in his video description: "The purpose is to share my experience with them and offer a new perspective on their playstyle so that they can improve. It is assumed that people will improve their DM naturally over time so I try to focus on gamesense, decision making and positioning advice during my reviews."


#1: Muselk


Get hyped, TF2 zombie mod fans! Muselk opened a dedicated server for TF2 zombies! The first server is located in the US, with additional servers being launched soon in the EU and Australia. Click this link to see the updated list of server IPs and check out the video below to watch Muselk's server announcement video. As usual, this month Muselk dominated the new YouTube subscriber and video view categories.


Click here to view the article source.



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