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Brokering Service!

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Broker Service Details




Hello, my name is Sacred or TLH.
I have currently started a brokering business that I am looking to get into spending a lot of time on. I do not expect anyone to trust me fully yet as this is my first time trying brokering. I know how it works and have used brokers in the past. I will not charge expensive fee's.
Anything to help you decide whether you would like to use my service or not should be here, if you need any more information add me on steam or comment here, thankyou.

Steam profile:http://steamcommunit...561198061868800
Steam inventory:http://steamcommunit...8800/inventory/
Steam ID: 76561198061868800
I have 1000+ hours on TF2 and over 300 hours on CSGO

Please add me on steam if you would like to use my service, thankyou!
Got any feedback? Leave it down below!



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