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lmaobox spam script




alias lmao1 "say GET GOOD, GET LMAOBOX!"alias lmao2 "say WWW.LMAOBOX.NET - BEST FREE TF2 HACK!"alias lmao3 "say LMAOBOX - WAY TO THE TOP"alias lmao1_cycle "alias lmao_say lmao1; alias lmao_cycle lmao2_cycle"alias lmao2_cycle "alias lmao_say lmao2; alias lmao_cycle lmao3_cycle"alias lmao3_cycle "alias lmao_say lmao3; alias lmao_cycle lmao1_cycle"alias lmao_cycle "lmao2_cycle"alias lmao_say "lmao1"alias say_lmao "lmao_say; lmao_cycle"alias lmaoloop_next "lmaoloop"alias lmaoloop "say_lmao;wait 168;lmaoloop_next"alias lmaoloop_on "alias lmaoloop_next lmaoloop;alias lmaoloop_toggle lmaoloop_off; lmaoloop"alias lmaoloop_off "alias lmaoloop_next;alias lmaoloop_toggle lmaoloop_on;"alias lmaoloop_toggle "lmaoloop_on"


  • Bind say_lmao to your key of choice to post a single message
  • Use lmaoloop_on to enable the spam loop (2.5s per msg), lmaoloop_off to disable it (console)
  • Bind lmaoloop_toggle to your key of choice to toggle the spam loop
  • Recommended usage is on Valve servers only.
  • lmaoloop requires wait to be enabled (use a wait test cfg if need be)

Pseudo spinbot can be made with a script like this:

alias "+spin" "cl_yawspeed 1580; +right;"alias "-spin" "-right; cl_yawspeed 210" 



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