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There once was a fish




It purported to produce progeny

And upon its untimely wish

It was overwhelmed, too many

The gaping hole of it's stomach opened

Out poured thousands of new kin

Taken aback by the copious flow

One must wonder how it's so

Fish spawn oh so many

And in the end remain few

Some slaughtered, served as soup,

Others swim away, merely on a whim

Fish are such a mystery

A food source throughout history

Some extinct and on the bottom of the ocean

Their remaining layers reside

All are cannibals, such sin

Some traveling like lions in a pride

Others in their lonesome,

Washing ashore with the changing tide

At the surface and at the bottom

Fish permeate the water

So the next time you're in the water deep

Let the fish your company keep.







Yes, a poem about fish. I was bored, okay?


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