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The Chinese Learner's Words: 1




YAY! The first Learner's Statements! Let's go with it?


I've always questioned how the combination of certain characters would influence it's meaning entirely.


科学 is science.


科 means discipline.


å­¦ is study.


So, disciplined study is science?


Another one would be 德国 or Germany.


å¾· means morals.


国 is kingdom.


Is Germany the Kingdom of Morals?


Then there is Malaysia, 马æ¥è¥¿äºš.


马 : Horse


æ¥ ï¼š Come


西 : West


亚 : Asia


So, does Malaysia have Horses that come from West Asia?


It's a bit unusual for it to have something like this. It doesn't make sense. Beijing (or 北京) means North Capital. Beijing is indeed the North Capital. Hong Kong (or 香港) means Fragrant Harbour. While I am not sure of fragrancy, I am very sure it is a harbour. The names and characters of the places represent what they are, and it is so weird that these other countries have their characters not make sense.


I can do this for a variety of countries, but I will never know why the countries are so called this way.


If someone like Choccie and Peanuts help a new learner, that would be awesome.



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