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    Traveling is Southeast Asia is at all times an journey. It's kind of difficult to avoid that metropolis as nearly all transportation goes by mekong tour, until you fly straight down to southern Thailand from Cambodia. My initial thought was to visit Bali, however I am tremendous open to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia…wherever. When traveling Southeast Asia, we some of the necessary things to take with you is travel insurance coverage. With a long to-do record, this Asia journey guide will aid you to take care of objects in the fitting order, so as to be ready for the big departure day.


    Have a look at my Philippines page and you will see that I am totally in love along with your country and inspiring everyone to go. Remember although that I'm not writing this weblog for folks going to casinos or Koreans occurring a Boracay vacation. First-time vacationers can get easily overwhelmed by the thought of exploring this massively various area. India just isn't only the second most populous country in Asia, it has additionally the most important number of poor folks and youngster labourers.


    I've travelled there within the Jan-Feb months and I was tremendous with it. I do bear in mind the first few days in Bangkok were like whoaaa” so I spent plenty of time cooling off in the pool or otherwise hiding from the heat. But how much time do it's worthwhile to see Southeast Asia?”, you might surprise. We are going to ebook a room for first few days of arrival and after that will probably be e-book as we go. What are your most not to miss” areas and recommendations for this travel.


    Thailand - The most important one for the group, we land in bangkok, and wish to visit phuket and koh samui, and plan on doing the full moon get together on NYE. We now have 10 days to spend somewhere in South East Asia. On this itinerary, I will present you the way we made our 9-day backpacking journey throughout Southeast Asia. Im goin away for 5 weeks, and planning on doing northern thailand, laos and vietnam, then house.


    Remember some folks would possibly only ever get that 2 week trip in their entire life to see a few of Southeast Asia. The concept - for the long stayers not less than - is to visit Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodis and if possible, Philippines. My plan was to visit Thailand,Cambodia and Vietnam as the minimal leaving a 35 days for them 3 and probably squeezing in Laos.


    Unsure if we should fly into Thailand and start from there or fly into Singapore for few days, do Bali for a week then work our way up via the nations to Thailand. Whether or not settling down for a Michelin-starred meal in one among Singapore's most interesting restaurants or pulling up a plastic stool on a Bangkok avenue, hungry travellers will never be bored by the diversity of Asia's cuisines.


    I usually suppose back just to using a scooter through rice fields in northern Thailand, watching the sundown over the Mekong river in Laos, or simply enjoying a scrumptious bowl of Pho noodles at a market in Vietnam. From Bangkok , you could possibly also make an excursion into Cambodia to see the sprawling temples of Angkor Wat, although Thailand additionally has its own historical temple ruins at Ayathuya and Sukhothai.


    I'm spending four months travelling SE Asia and simply needed to know if we will see all of the international locations listed within the first pic, together with Borneo, Bali, Manila and many others. The massive daddy of Cyberia's person-generated travel opinions is undoubtedly Journey Advisor ( ), with mountains of bumf on accommodations, restaurants, and extra. 11. Asia Details: There are 12 landlocked nations in Asia: The most important landlocked nation on the earth is Kazakhstan in Asia.

    They share the sites they visited, the locations they stayed at, vegan outlets they discovered, and the websites and activities they loved during their time in Asia. Some additionally go to animal sanctuaries within the nations they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. I executed returns to BKK or Singapore every time I've gone to SE Asia - finances carriers like AirAsia simply make it cheap and straightforward to backtrack.


    Why go — Arguably the best vacation spot to travel in Southeast Asia, Singapore is perfect for novices, particularly those touring with household. There are many other solo travelers in Southeast Asia and hostels are very communal spaces, so put those two issues collectively and inevitably folks find yourself talking to each other. I deliberate on travelling to thailand-vietnam-cambodia-laos, July 1st-october 1st.

  2. ∞Ramses

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    Hey everybody,


    Most of you probably not even know who I am. I've been on the backpack.tf forum since the beginning, and stayed on it for a few years. There are several reasons why I don't get involved into the forum and/or discord anymore.


    First off, I got graduated. This means that I currently have a job and most of the time I'm working in a foreign country. This means no more TF2 for me, because the hotel WIFI is always shitty. I also doubt that my laptop could handle the game.


    Secondly, I was already out of the trading game for a longer time. The feeling of making good trades and gaining profit has disappeared, apparently. I never thought that would ever happen.


    And finally, I discovered other games to play. Yes, I am talking about Fortnite, but then again, I cannot play it unless I am home. I also play Tekken 7, it's the best game in the world, because there are also hats. And we all know hats are important, hats are life. 

    But seriously, I play TF2 for only about an hour a week while I'm home.



    I hope you all have a great time and never give up on your dreams. 



    Kisses, hugs and much love.




    PS. I still have a lot of Puddingkip-crafted stuff, so I might give it away in the future. We'll see... That stuff is really really valuable.

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    I just helped my nephew get steam premium - to add friends etc - and thought i'd just share this with some people who may not have premium.

    So, these are possible methods for anyone, all ages, can be done without credit cards. AND do not need your steam-related ID or any info, just make a fake email account for this and it'll still work since it gives steam codes.


    For TF2 Premium:

    1) Get a friend of yours who trade/already have funds in their steam account to gift you an upgrade to premium item from the store, and pay him back the cost or just get it as a gift. 

    This is the only way to get in through in-game item, the rest below CAN get you steam & TF2 premium, if you use steam funds to buy an item from tf2 store (any cost)


    Steam Premium using $ cash:

    1) Buy a gift card from the store

    A list of where you can purchase Steam Gift Cards (Singapore)

    1. Game Stores

    Game stores are the most likely to sell Steam Gift Cards, although at a price premium. Visit your closest shopping centre and you’ll likely find one that sells Steam Gift Cards.

    2.LAN Shops

    Local LAN Shops are likely to sell Steam Gift Cards. Prices are comparable to those offered at Gaming Stores.

    3. Online stores/selling platforms

    Online sellers are generally less trustable but you are likely to find cheaper prices from here than the other alternatives. You could purchase gift cards from sellers on platforms like Carousel and pay them in cash.

    4. Debit Cards

    This is the best option due to convenience. You can easily get a Debit Card from the bank for free and use it to purchase Steam gift cards/codes online (or direct from Steam).


     Steam Premium without using cash:

    1) Ebonus.gg (get 50 coins for clicking tt link, and making an account)

    1. Set up account

    2. Confirm account and simply start doing surveys - earns more coins

    3. If you wish to watch videos to earn coins (most slack), i would suggest you download tampermonkey and then search for ebonus.gg scripts to use so that it will auto click next video with the tab open.

    4. Earn enough coins to convert coins to steam credit - this may take a few days because surveys may be drained out etc, but it's free to earn and you only need $5 and then purchase an in-game item for premium

    5. If the game code or reward you want is not offered, you can send a ticket in for it to be offered on the site. The response is often within 24hours, flexible and rather friendly!

    advice: always set up your profile, i.e know exactly what are you income level, age, industry, and STICK TO IT for surveys (some may tell you they are looking for anth profile and allow you to continue, i'd suggest altering only at this point), only do surveys that reap larger rewards


    2) Points Prizes

    1. Really easy to set up account, just enter email

    2. Same thing as above, uses a different pricing system (i.e coins/points to real $ comparison differs)


    I think those 2 sites are the more popular and legit ones (tried and tested!), you may want to just see what other game cards/codes that the two sites offer and then focus on the site that has what you want or you feel is more comfortable using. Good luck prepping for your Christmas Gifts!


    *Comment below if you're interested in how to effectively earn coins for ebonus.gg cos i kinda learnt the trick already and have 20k coins, will add anth guide!

  3. Pensiveness

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    Yo, shoutouts to anyone that remembers me all these years ago LOL. 


    It's been awhile, or rather sup to those that have heard of me for the first time. I hope BP.TF has been flourishing well and that the newer generations have been outclassing the old guards like me. I just felt like posting random things that I have been reminiscing about. 


    I'm not sure if the demographics really changed much in this website, but I remember back when I around, fairly good amount of people were in their high school years or below 18.  I and probably many others that were top contributors had so much free times in our hands that we would spend absurd amounts of time on arguing over prices of a few pixels. Idk if I reflected my maturity during my years of activity, but I definitely was still in high school at my prime. I remember wanting to be a mod so badly, but I couldn't for awhile because I wasn't old enough. In fact even when I retired, I actually still wasn't old enough to be a mod. Now I am, but damn there were some things...that I quite don't know what to express.


    First off, maturity. I was told that I was pretty mature for how I expressed things, but upon further evaluation, I definitely had holes. While I addressed many things in a professional and a matter-of-fact way, I definitely got provoked easily. If I felt like I got attacked or got emotional, then I wouldn't hesitate venting or saying some things that I regret. Restraint is definitely a skill that potentially gets easier as you age, and that has definitely applied to me. I cringe at some things I said as a result of certain things, but at the end of the day I do appreciate all the warnings cleverpun has given me as a learning lesson. Is cleverpun still around? Clever was such a good mod in retrospect heh.


    Another thing was that overall, I was a quantity over quality guy in making suggestions. Ok sure, I actually put some effort for my quantity unlike some people (d0 and Pyroman comes to mind, are those guys still around and pop some names? Or am I old?), but at the end of day, they were just quantity suggestions that quite frankly didn't require much extensive effort. Sure I was the first suggestor to achieve black belt status when they decided to implement that, but at the end of the day looking back at my achievements, all those hundreds of hollow suggestions are next to meaningless to me. While I did hold the #1 Top Contributors part for a little while, it's not really that great of a feeling when majority of those votes came from blind votes and superfluous suggestions. The suggestions that really do mean a lot to me though are the ones where I put in hours into crafting and thought into. The ones that come immediately to mind was when I suggested to change the Loose Cannon to a scrap price range when I was merely an orange belt, which was an incredibly ballsy and an unheard proposal to do when it was universally accepted that all weapons are only worth .05. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/52153a974bd7b8171200000b


    Suggestions like these resonate with me the most. I went against the conventional wisdom and trends because I wanted to do what I felt was right. It encouraged me to think outside the box and make sure my argument wasn't bullshit or else people would rip me apart. And when my extremely hard work got accepted, I really felt like I accomplished something. Suggestions I did like these, doing key suggestions when shit was really vitriolic and dealing with hate (damn keys are worth 27 ref+? Are they gonna be 50 ref when I come back a year later?), and doing suggestions on all unusual variants of the Fez are my proudest accomplishments. They made me learn things and actually contributed to the site the most even though the contribution points or whatever don't really properly reflect that. I don't remember my suggestion trains like when the latest halloween items were dropping in value or when they required little thought, but suggestions that required hard work and critical thinking are something I recommend every prospective suggestor to do more often. To me at least, they're the most fulfilling.


    I guess the biggest thing I would like to highlight though is towards the end of my prime years. I'll just say it out there right here in the open since I honestly have little issues expressing this: I was dealing with pretty bad depression at the time. I will not go into details as to how it occurred, but if you just looked at how I phrased things towards the end of 2014 and some of my blogs, it's pretty obvious that I was just really sad and tired. With things that were going on IRL that transpired through my contributions, I complained and was pessimistic more often than not. I attributed part of my depression to little enjoyment towards suggesting so I announced my retirement. That clearly didn't actually help, and if anything it made my depression worse as the years went on. I went on to have suicidal thoughts and being afraid of my future. I was extremely vulnerable and self-deprecating. I was pathetic, which I thought of myself all the time before. Soon though, I ended up getting some help, and I was doing things that slowly but surely got me out of depression. I started addressing the root of my problems. I started meditating to get me to think clearly. I started to eat better and exercise once in awhile. I started smiling more. After a year of getting out of my hole, I was pretty much out of the woods, and I'm so grateful to be out of that state of mind. To all of you currently struggling, try to find someone that will support you. Try to find motivation in one thing that you find dear to you and cling onto it as your reason to keep going. If you don't have that one motivation, make something your one motivation. Set goals. Meditate to have a clearer state of mind. Address the root of your problem and resolve it. Things WILL get better if you address it in due time as it did for me. Perhaps y'all should go outside for a little while and get some Vitamin D, since I know you probably spend a little too much time on the computer than we should. Depression isn't a simple topic and everyone has their own problems, so I'll leave it as that, but I will say to those that are struggling: why not start now to get better?


    Welp, I guess that's the most I have in my mind right now. If you're wondering why I don't return to the main site or really hang around here that often, it's because my interest has long past TF2, suggesting, and trading. The fire in me is long, long gone, and TF2 is incredibly stale to me. I tried coming back when my depression has significantly subsided, but my heart really wasn't in it. Nah, most of my current interests are stuff I'm doing in college and Melee, so coming back here in my prime days is pretty much out of the question. It's a bit sad that I'll never be able to come back to my peak, but the memories of my experience is still there, and I'll probably check back here every once in awhile to see what's new and old. Feel free to comment and asking me whatever and I might come back in an appropriate timely matter to answer, but yeah that's what's up to me.

  4. Heres a suggestion on the GE hazmat (outdated for 2 years)

    https://i.imgur.com/eVOtGzG.png ~ Apparently paid 100 keys pure (seen) + 80-100 in cosmetics/other shit (apparently not all are shown, but looks closer to 80) + the lap (sugg at 168)

    ~ 358 (taking 90 as sweets)


    358 is lower then flies and all.  nvm flies is 4 years outdated lmao


  5. Today

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    Genius's Log


    Star-date 53 HeHe LoL: The bronies have invaded our safe haven; nowhere is safe now, moral is low, statuses are looking grim. The time is upon we chosen few to embark on a great journey to a new place where we can shitpost and be MORE than passive aggressive. I am welcome to most ideas but staying is not looking like a good one.




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    Black Nebula trade.tf
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    • putin: aka putina, rat, cunt, empire oof yugoslavia is a scammer. he has scammed many people and these people have come to me and told me that he had been scammed.

      I have to admit I was pretty stupid, I Thought something good about him, and thought he was being legit, he said he would pay me back. he gave me 7 cosmetics on the spot, and said that there were more to come, promising a key and the snack attack. this was about right item over pay right? exactly.

      he said he couldn't trade for 2 months because he removed authenticator, then he promised me an unusual then a headtaker, I declined both because i had waited long enough to get my items and then he ended up removing me and blocking me.

      I reported him but still,dosn't matter. hes a dick aswell, he made up this whole bullshit about him not being able to do it because he had a rough childhood, dickhead. if you want to find him he commented before he blocked me.

      here is my steam:

      here is his (go report him):

      thanks for reading. if you want more info, add me!

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    So I have found a few regular unique weapons lately that have some good levels on them (100, 69, 42, etc.) and I was wondering, how much would a level number change the price of a regular unique weapon?

  8. λngelღмander
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    Lacquered wood and cold steel were the only things he could feel over the din of his sorrow. A harsh gust echoed across his mindscape, his gut rising and falling with every melancholy breath. The skylights refracted the darkness of the stormy night sky, twisting it, coiling it around his heart. A ragged breath escaped his trembling lips, a drop of sweat rolled through his stubble and onto the carpet. Then, a gunshot shook the room with a resounding crack. Then there was silence. And a shrill scream. A familiar woman came crashing through the doorway moments later, and knelt beside him on blood splattered carpet.
    "What did you do? What did you do? Oh god please no."
    "You'll be okay, just give me a minute," she sputtered, feebly stroking through her late husband's hair.
    "I'll fix it, just hold on please," she pleaded, as tears clouded her vision. She spent the next few minutes sobbing into his chest, her face and hair becoming bloodied. Hysterical crying and the scent of copper permeated the room, and before long sirens were distracting her from the darkness. She stood, sniveling, and lethargically walked to the front door. The knock came right as she touched the doorknob, and it revealed a pair of uniformed officers. The first of the two, the elder and higher in rank, opened his mouth to say something but was taken immediately back by her appearance in the doorway. Light pooling from the kitchen framed her sullen, bloody silhouette.
    "Can you tell me what happened here?" His voice was gruff and apathetic. His partner, by contrast a pretty woman in her early thirties, nudged him aside gently and introduced herself.
    "My name is Kelly, we're here to help. We have a few questions as well..." she trailed off as the shadow in the doorway gestured inside and turned around. She didn't look back as she led them to the carpeted sunroom where her husband lay cooling in a small puddle of blood.
    Her naturally tan face made a pale contrast to the pale moonlit room. Kelly steered her by the shoulder to the corner, and blocked her view of the corpse with her body. Soothingly she asked "Is there anyone I can call for you?"
    A subtle lateral shake of the head was her response.
    "Can you tell me your name?"
    "Eliza... his name was Douglas," she choked out, before a new series of sobs silenced her. Behind them, the veteran officer made a call on his radio.
    "Requesting coroner, do not send EMS. Looks like a suicide." He droned on a bit longer, but no further attention was paid to him.
    Eliza made her best effort to collect herself. She was surprised but secretly thankful that her daughter had not awoken from the commotion. She had always slept like a rock, much to Eliza's precious chagrin and current relief.
    "Kelly, I need to go tell my daughter." Kelly's face sank. To witness the death of anyone was hard enough on the psyche, both on her and those of the family. To see a child involved, that was heartbreaking. Perhaps in time, Kelly would gain the battle hardened callousness that her partner exuded on a daily basis, but she hadn't yet suffered through enough of this hell to lose her compassion.
    "I can come with you if you need-"
    "No thank you," she mumbled, "cops scare her." With that, she gently brushed past the woman and made her way down the hallway. She couldn't get her mind off of the loss of her husband, but she was grateful for the two solid oak doors and thick walls separating the rooms of this suburban house. She paused at the door, fighting back a new wave of tears. She wanted to present an aura of strength to her daughter. She would attempt to tell her the usual lies that parents tell their children about death, but knew her daughter to be old enough to see past the euphemisms. She turned the handle.


    The room was darker than night. Eliza pulled out her phone to use as a makeshift flashlight to avoid waking her precious child into what would be a night she remembered forever. Monique was snoring loudly with a pillow over her head as she entered the room, and Eliza couldn't help but smile at her beauty. She looked angelic with her short blonde hair covering up part of her face. A forced smile was etched onto Monique's face from the way her head lay on the pillow. Eliza knelt on the dark hardwood floor beside the bed and rested an arm on the nightstand and the other on her daughter's exposed cheek. In moments, her life would be never be the same again. Could she bring herself to break this news? Yes. Better her than a cop. She began stroking her cheek gently while saying her name, to no avail. She knew it would take more than that to rouse her daughter, she was just being a coward.
    "Monique, it's time to get up," she said loudly, pulling the pillow off her head and shaking a shoulder. This method proved more effective than the last, and two miniature oceans fluttered open.
    "Mommy? W-what is all over your face?" Eliza let her jaw run slack in horror as she realized she was partially covered in blood. She tried to say something but words escaped her. Perhaps she would need help after all.
    "I'll be right back, just stay there sweetheart." She stepped away quickly, hiding her face. The bathroom was only a few feet from the doorway of the small bedroom. She stepped inside and locked the door with shaking hands. Her eyes stung from the harsh incandescent light of the ceiling fixture. When she was able to open them again, the person staring back at her from the mirror was not the person she knew. This person - stranger - was bloody and forlorn. She couldn't make sense of reality, and for a moment she questioned her existence and that this night was even happening.
    "Come on Liz, hold it together. For her, not for you. For her." She worked desperately to regain enough sense to tell her child the truth.


    It only took a few minutes for her to clear the blood off her face, but they did not go uninterrupted.
    "Mommy? What happened? Why are there people in the house?" Monique asked, pounding lightly on the door.
    "I'll be out in a second and I'll explain..." She offered, drying her hands, with a hand towel. She inhaled deeply and exited the bathroom. Monique was waiting at the door, with a curious look on her face.
    "There are people in there," she said, pointing toward the scene. Eliza whispered a silent thank you that her daughter hadn't gone to investigate, and led her to her bedroom where they sat down together on the edge of her bed.
    "Monique, daddy has gone to a better place." She lied, the words feeling like venom as they poured out of her mouth.
    "We won't see him anymore, but he will always be with us in our hearts." Trying to embellish the truth had made little difference, Monique understood the implication and reacted with shock.
    "Is he really gone? Daddy could never die, he's too strong for that." Her face contorted in fear.
    "Is that why those people are here? Did they hurt him?"
    "No, they are here to help." Eliza embraced her in a firm hug.
    "Everything will be okay, I promise." The two of them sat there for some time.


    A knock on the open doorway roused them from their thoughts.
    "I found this paper on the desk in there, it is addressed to you." She accepted the paper without a word. Monique tried to read over her shoulder but Eliza hid it from her. She could never know how this truly happened until she was older.


    Dear Liz
    If you are reading this, I've done a terrible thing to you and Monique. I'm sorry, truly I am. I've been struggling for a long time and I can no longer find a reason to live. You have been the most wonderful wife that a man could ever have, and Monique is the child any father would have wanted. I love you both very much, please forgive me for what I've done.
    There is money in the safe for Monique to go to college, and I left everything in your name. Take care of her for me, I'll be looking out for you from above, if above exists. I love you very much.


    Love, Doug


    By the time she had finished reading the letter for the fifth time, it was mottled by tears. The ink ran in little rivers that obscured the page. It fell to the floor.




    Lacquered wood and cold steel were the only things he could feel over the din of his sorrow. A harsh gust echoed across his mindscape, his gut rising and falling with every melancholy breath. The skylights refracted the darkness of the stormy night sky, twisting it, coiling it around his heart. A ragged breath escaped his trembling lips, a drop of sweat rolled through his stubble and onto the carpet. He pulled the revolver away from his head. He fingered the cylinder release, and it popped open. Six unspent shells clattered to the floor. A cold shudder ran up his spine. He glanced off toward the nightstand as he stood, and at the sheaf of paper lying on it. He took the paper outside, and lit it on fire. The flames licked it delicately, the clean lettering nothing more than ash in the wind. He dropped it as the flames reached his hand, and it burned completely before it hit the ground.


    Birth from fire, he thought. Like a Phoenix.

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    If you are very accurate with you prices of items then massage me I have something you can help me with.

  10. knowt
    homophone to note


    (of a topic) know nothing of


    I wish I could help her, but I knowt her problem.


    From English word know and British colloquial nowt meaning nothing.

  11. Can someone help me?

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    So I was offered a collecters Force a Nature with the Pro KS of Sheen: Manndarian and KIllstreaker: Incinerator for my Cloud 9 Stronium Stove Pipe, but i dont know how to price it. The guy said it was worth 15 keys but idk

  12. Yes, I love mass media as my major, I have a goal to change a lot in my world (middle east, we suck atm) but there is no single day that passes by that I don't think of dropping out from my major, seeing the future subjects and the amount of bullshit that I will never benefit from (except killing my gpa) .. I think to myself that I can save all the money that Dad pisses on slightly useless education, study a diploma that will take what a year or two and with the same amount of info that i will spend 4 years taking and spending much more, eh thinking about it more and more just hurts my head, whateva.


    Having a Syrian nationality is probably the worst thing that you won't even wish your worst enemy to have, I'm stuck with it and it is really a pain in the ass, I can't work here (Jordan), can't get a car, can't work, they barely even let me in at first .. but I have this friend of mine that introduced me to a direct trade (i think?) company that I can work in either by selling products or getting new employees to join, i'm going to see them tomorrow, while I don't think that it will work out (because I suck socially and i need to be super social to work properly) i will give a shot, seeing how much Dad spends on my siblings and I it will be welcome to have my own income, I would love to work in a restaurant or whatever but sadly i can't .. fuck war yeah.


    I met this girl in senior year of high-school, she have this retarded boyfriend (well tbh she wasn't that smart at that time either) .. we started talking a lot , I learnt nearly everything about her (and her tragic life story, suddenly she transferred from that not smart girl to a girl that I adore and really like, never judge a book by its cover eh) and she knew shit-ton about me as well, she was the friend that I could always lean on when I couldn't share with family or normal friends and it was awesome. She broke up with that dickhead when he moved away to university .. I never really confessed my love for her because I know I am not ready and i'm not ready to break her heart that she is still trying to heal, yes I tried (and did) confess my love to her, I also explained that i don't think am ready and she said the same .. good think we are still really close best friends even if we are in different countries and might never meet again, oh how things change in 2 years.


    Life is a roller coaster and is a good one if you accept that bad things that can happen to you, enjoy it while it lasts

    < a very nice song :D
  13. ☠ Nightmare☠'s Blog

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    I'm selling a box trot unusual taunt for offers pure or items overpay, I'm kind of looking for around 80 to 85 keys, if you are interested please add me and we can talk.

  14. Free suggestions

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    See comments.

  15. A Delicious Cashew
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    see comment below instead

  16. Prices with "~" is estimated, so please do make a mini for it. Thanks! ^^


    Cloud 9 Brown Bomber


    Sold for P. Fetti Ninja Hood


    Sold for C9 Muffs (~58 Keys) w/ S. Pro. KS CAPPER (~14 Keys) ~44 Keys


    Sold for P. Fetti Cowl (~16 Keys) + Steaming SnS (~14 Keys) + Max w/ Spell (~24 Keys) ~54 Keys


    Sold for Vivid Mirror (~26 Keys) + S. Sapper (1 Key) + Spec. KS Aussie Knife (~22 Keys) ~49 Keys


    Sold for TW Muffs ~ Outlier


    This is for the lazy butts who choose to copy everything: http://pastebin.com/EKEp6QAL

  17. Presenting the month's top YouTubers and streamers, ranked by their stats!




    Click here to view the article source. Here are the some highlights:


    #5: Tagg


    Tagg's no stranger to the TF2 scene, though this period marks only his second appearance on the list. Tagg took advantage of NISLT's month-long disappearance to remain at #5. NISLT usually ranks #3 or #4 on the list, and last period marked the first time that he placed out of the top 5. NISLT returned to YouTube on June 7th and has promised to explain his disappearance in a future video. It'll be interesting to see if Tagg can extend his run for a third straight period; he has a leg up on Twitch, but NISLT usually generates 10+ times the amount of YouTube activity. Fun fact: Tagg streamed eight different games on Twitch during the past month. His most streamed game was (this should come as no surprise) TF2.


    #3: Uncle Dane


    Congrats to Uncle Dane for reaching 200k YouTube subscribers! To celebrate the occasion, he dropped a 20-minute TF2 parody mixtape filled with references that only TF2 players will understand. Listen to the songs in the video below, or check out the individual songs on Bandcamp. Uncle Dane also started his first t-shirt campaign. Shirts are only available until June 20th, so act quickly!


    #1: Muselk


    Muselk dominated the TF2 YouTube scene this period. His new YouTube subscriber and new video view totals are nearly 10 times that of any other creator on the list. Muselk recently played TF2 on a virtual reality device. See how he fared in the video below. Warning: the recording of Muselk's POV will appear curved due to the properties of the headset. It's especially noticeable when you look at the on-screen text.


  18. The Captain's blog

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    ain't nothing but a mistake, tell me why


    i got nothin.


    its been over a year since i started this, and it isn't very accurate.

  19. Brokering Service!

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    Hello, my name is Sacred or TLH.
    I have currently started a brokering business that I am looking to get into spending a lot of time on. I do not expect anyone to trust me fully yet as this is my first time trying brokering. I know how it works and have used brokers in the past. I will not charge expensive fee's.
    Anything to help you decide whether you would like to use my service or not should be here, if you need any more information add me on steam or comment here, thankyou.

    Steam profile:http://steamcommunit...561198061868800
    Steam inventory:http://steamcommunit...8800/inventory/
    Steam ID: 76561198061868800
    I have 1000+ hours on TF2 and over 300 hours on CSGO

    Please add me on steam if you would like to use my service, thankyou!
    Got any feedback? Leave it down below!

  20. Ah April Fools Day. A time for merriment and silliness. Like Halloween, it's one of those days cordoned off for behavior that would normally be considered awkward or unusual. But, as often happens on these normalcy-flaunting holidays, people mess up. The social mores and rules are poorly defined, and people often rush to do something silly and step over the line. For today's meandering musing post, I'd like to discuss some things that make a good--or bad--April Fools prank.


    The first thing to remember about April Fools pranks is that they should not disrupt the normal operation of your business/site/whatever. Presenting fake news on a news website, watermarking images on an image website, or disrupting/impeding users in any way is not a good idea. April Fools pranks should not be malicious in nature. They shouldn't be destructive or inconvenient or mean-spirited. FIMfic ran into this problem a few years ago: they announced they were banning HiE and people were appropriately annoyed. Derpibooru made a similar mistake this year.


    The next thing to remember is that restraint is important. Making too many pranks not only makes each one less funny, it also increases the chances that each one may be taken seriously. Again, see FIMfic's botched April Fools day: not only did they make the aforementioned announcement, they also had 2 other joke posts from site reviewers and the FIMfic gold thing. Derpibooru not only watermarked their images this year, but also changed all their spoiler images to the same "premium content" image. Sometimes this can be a result of multiple subgroups within a community each doing their own thing, of course, but not always.


    The final thing to remember is that it is okay not to do anything for April Fools. A good prank should not be rushed or poorly planned. Likewise, some things and services simply do not lend themselves to April Fools pranks. If you can't come up with a good one, then don't force something out. This can also heighten impact for later years: after all, if you skip doing a prank one year, then the next one will be less expected.


    So what are some good examples of pranks that follow these ideas? A personal favorite prank of mine was Netflix's a few years ago: they replaced several of their usual categorical suggestions (like "Comedy", "Inspirational Documentaries", etc.) with some rather...specific ones


    What were some April Fools pranks that you found particularly memorable? And were they memorable because they were funny, or because they were bad/inconvenient/overdone?


    I was going to link to a Wall Street Journal article about Google and Yahoo messing up their April Fools pranks this year, but apparently it's now hidden behind a paywall. So have a gif instead, I guess;

  21. TronJon's Blog of riddles

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    if a car makes a turn, what does it lose?

  22. Shamefurr Dispray
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    >be SEM
    > get deranked to Silver 1
    > win 7 matches in a row
    > still silver 1
    > thank mr newell

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    There's a reason I only played ten hours. Most people that I knew got turned off after one and a half. Broken matchmaking systems, the lack of dev support, waiting for literally up to ONE AND A HALF HOURS or so for either L0Z0rThaP3ngu1nofDOOM, xXxDeath_MasterxXx, or juan.santos2005 to join in, the fact that the top guide nowadays is made specifically to get people in and out as fast as possible, and the fact that the majority of the 40 people still playing this game have turned into a toxic mess rivaling low tier competitive LoL or DOTA just makes it a awful game to be on.


    The hat's you get from this game for TF2 look bad, and the cosmetics you get in this game are overpriced to oblivion AND look bad. If the Mann Co. Store from TF2 and EA's cosmetic DLC system had a baby, it would be the Uber store, which currently in a eternal sale because of how little it's been used. If you like old memes and wasting cash, look no further.


    Along with ugly costumes, it has honestly one of the worst class buying systems out there. Heroes of the Storm got nothing on this. Basic characters, like stronger tanks or longer range characters, have to be unlocked with hard earned THOUSANDS of coins (The TANK class, for example, needs 4500 coins). You only get like 40 coins per win/loss. This is a problem, and often leads to new players get destroyed by older, richer, and more class unlocked players.


    On the bright side of this mess, the combat's in SMNC is alright. With the 5 classes you get unlocked, out of the game's unlockable 17, being fun to use when you finally do good (rarely), and offer different playstyles which spices up the game a bit. Blitz is pretty cool as well, a Tower Defense sort of deal against the robots that gives lots of XP on completion. Use this if your grinding for that last TF2 hat, you're going to need that last boost after spending time during the dead hours of the game.


    In short, with a tiny community practically rivaling DOTA/LoL levels of toxicity, overpriced and ugly cosmetics and hero unlocks, ridiculous grinding for ugly rewards, and a horrendous amount of waiting, even for a dead game, the combat and game modes can't save this from not getting a recommendation.