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i don't know what to do with this lol

Posted by ḎℰѦÐ! Boom in ḎℰѦÐ! Boom's Blog, 10 February 2017 · 28 views

(stare from beyond slopers) Foamy? more like No(o)by (say that like toby an N)
It's 1 of 1, 1 year outdated, of course theres only 1 sale, plus this took a while
http://backpack.tf/p...4800/1482451200 ~ sold with 2 keys sweets (actually go on the stats, the bp.tf price sugg for them is bad) and a i...


Can someone help me?

Posted by Certified 3DGE L0RD in Can someone help me?, 30 January 2017 · 28 views

So I was offered a collecters Force a Nature with the Pro KS of Sheen: Manndarian and KIllstreaker: Incinerator for my Cloud 9 Stronium Stove Pipe, but i dont know how to price it. The guy said it was worth 15 keys but idk


Dropping out, a crush and everything in between

Yes, I love mass media as my major, I have a goal to change a lot in my world (middle east, we suck atm) but there is no single day that passes by that I don't think of dropping out from my major, seeing the future subjects and the amount of bullshit that I will never benefit from (except killing my gpa) .. I think to myself that I can save all the money...


Selling a Unusual Taunt: The Box Trot Spectral Swirl

Posted by ☠ Nightmare☠ in ☠ Nightmare☠'s Blog, 07 November 2016 · 71 views

I'm selling a box trot unusual taunt for offers pure or items overpay, I'm kind of looking for around 80 to 85 keys, if you are interested please add me and we can talk.


Fake words with Alfie Omega! 4

Posted by Alfie Omega in Random Stuff, 29 August 2016 · 92 views

also egalisise, egaliside, 
(in a video game) Specialisation in a video game character 
He had much egalis as the Soldier in Team Fortress 2, such that playing Pharah was a seamless transition.


free suggestions

Posted by A Delicious Cashew in TheKaushuMan's Blog, 09 August 2016 · 562 views

see comment below instead


Half-Free Suggestion :P

Posted by Roller in Roller's Blog!, 02 August 2016 · 109 views

Prices with "~" is estimated, so please do make a mini for it. Thanks! ^^  Cloud 9 Brown Bomber http://backpack.tf/p...2000/1469404800
Sold for P. Fetti Ninja Hood  http://backpack.tf/p...0400/1467676800
Sold for C9 Muffs (~58 Keys) w/ S. Pro. KS CAPPER (~14 Key...


Top 5 YouTubers & Streamers: May 2016

Posted by GreenScreen in TF2 Stats Blog, 09 June 2016 · 151 views

Presenting the month's top YouTubers and streamers, ranked by their stats!  https://i.imgur.com/ZHgKLe9.png   Click here to view the article source. Here are the some highlights:  #5: Tagg Tagg's no stranger to the TF2 scene, though this period marks only his second appearance on the list. Tagg took advantage of NISLT's mont...


May 18th, 2016: hey there brown cow

Posted by Captain Caboose in The Captain's blog, 18 May 2016 · 121 views

ain't nothing but a mistake, tell me why 
i got nothin. 
its been over a year since i started this, and it isn't very accurate.


Broker Service Details

Posted by Sacred in Brokering Service!, 21 April 2016 · 134 views

Hello, my name is Sacred or TLH.
I have currently started a brokering business that I am looking to get into spending a lot of time on. I do not expect anyone to trust me fully yet as this is my first time trying brokering. I know how it works and have used brokers in the past. I will not charge expensive fee's.
Anything to help you decide whether you wo...


April Foul-ups: Some Dos and Don'ts for April Fools Pranks

Posted by cleverpun in cleverpun's Blog, 03 April 2016 · 207 views

Ah April Fools Day. A time for merriment and silliness. Like Halloween, it's one of those days cordoned off for behavior that would normally be considered awkward or unusual. But, as often happens on these normalcy-flaunting holidays, people mess up. The social mores and rules are poorly defined, and people often rush to do something silly and step over t...


My near overdose on the wee hours of March 30, 2016

Posted by λngelღмander in λngelღмander writes stories and posts vocabulary, 30 March 2016 · 400 views

I'll preface this by identifying the drug that I took, but it is important to know that I had no idea what I was on until after I woke up this morning. As I type this, my symptoms are still apparent, but minor compared to last night. During the last few years of my mother's life, she began using a lot of drugs. I won't get into that very deep, but sh...


riddle #1

Posted by TronJon in TronJon's Blog of riddles, 25 March 2016 · 207 views

if a car makes a turn, what does it lose?


csgo hell

Posted by Shamefurr Dispray in storage space, 24 February 2016 · 162 views

>be SEM
> get deranked to Silver 1
> win 7 matches in a row
> still silver 1
> thank mr newell



Posted by Utsoob in Utsoob's Blogspot of Doom, 26 January 2016 · 246 views

There's a reason I only played ten hours. Most people that I knew got turned off after one and a half. Broken matchmaking systems, the lack of dev support, waiting for literally up to ONE AND A HALF HOURS or so for either L0Z0rThaP3ngu1nofDOOM, xXxDeath_MasterxXx, or juan.santos2005 to join in, the fact that the top guide nowadays is made specifically to...


I love what the sword icon for Twitch moderators is supposed to represent.

Posted by Punishment_Fatal in My Crazy Blog, 25 January 2016 · 239 views

Everyone knows a sword is a very great combat weapon. Whenever someone had a melee weapon in the old days, you will usually see someone with a sword, be it one-handed or two-handed. A sword represents power and skill, since wars were commonly fought with people in the front lines using them. However, a sword is more than just mere power. If a person just...


Thur Dec 24 2015

Posted by Pilobacon in Journey Log Book #114, 24 December 2015 · 197 views

Pilo wishes you all a Merry Christmas and is happy to spend time with all of you.
But Pilo said some things he shouldn't have. Pilo is sorry


Entry #1

Posted by Deku in Deku's Blog, 21 December 2015 · 264 views

Deku woke up at 5am and was instantly greeted by emmy when he opened steam. He then ate breakfast and played MvM with Pilo. Later, he will take an exam.
The exam went well except that he forgot his calculator.


Keeping up

Posted by King_Ken in King_Ken's Blog, 03 December 2015 · 211 views

This is my first attempt to make a blog entry, pardon my errors and such. 
I have been very busy lately, homeworks, projects, etc. everywhere. But I still manage to take a quick glance of what is happening at the forums, just a place where I normally chill and socialize with other peeps. Hope I do well this semester and get things done. 
Stay Co...

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