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Blogs are dead, bp.tf is nice. I'm the unknown

Posted by Karam , 19 October 2016 · 131 views

Real life is a real messy asshole-ish fun, so I'm making this blog like a digital personal diary because I don't have any one irl
This will be long and boring, but let me try and re-run the blog section as I see not much interest in this section


If someone asks me why am I here writing about my boring life, I would have no realistic answer.


My name is Karam, I'm 19 years old who is currently studying Journalism in Jordan. I studied 1 year of Engineering but it wasn't interesting, so I switched to Journalism this academic year and 9/10 was my first day; I hope it goes good.


Moving away from family after being the youngest isn't the easiest thing in the world, I miss my parents but I love it to be my own man for once (arabs can relate, I think).
Leaving Engineering was no easy task, you see most arabs LOVE Medicine, Engineering and those mainstream degrees, when I told my Mom I was going to pursue a career in Journalism she wasn't too please to hear it, after 4 months, she still wasn't convinced so now I'm on a mission to prove everyone wrong, and to prove to myself that I got what it takes to change the world.


Yes, changing the world, sounds crazy enough, but in reality we are all capable of doing that if we can surround ourselves with winners, believers and hard workers; which is sadly what most arab countries don't have.


Life is fun, it really is. Yes their are wars going on, hate is the norm now, depression hits more often than not, but looking at the bright side of life, we can make it colourful, I have an inner belief that my generation will be better than our ancestors. I don't believe in wars, hate or religion dividing humans, and I hope and know that most my generation thinks this way and I hope for better days on this planet.


I don't even know what I wrote, oh well; this is what happens when you didn't have a clue on what to do with life for 19 years.


Go out there and have a great day ladies and gentlemen (will anyone even read this blog iunno).
Don't forget to smile and try to give joy for people around you

ḎℰѦÐ! Boom
Oct 21 2016 11:54 PM

Love me

Love me

marry me

Nov 26 2016 08:34 PM
I love you Karam

I love you Karam



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