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Karam's long stories and rants (or just random ramblings that i dont know where to post)


Dropping out, a crush and everything in between

Posted by Karam , 05 December 2016 · 131 views

Yes, I love mass media as my major, I have a goal to change a lot in my world (middle east, we suck atm) but there is no single day that passes by that I don't think of dropping out from my major, seeing the future subjects and the amount of bullshit that I will never benefit from (except killing my gpa) .. I think to myself that I can save all the money...


Freedom from ... hair ?

Posted by Karam , 27 October 2016 · 119 views

Monday I went to the doc to take some medicines for a small flu I got, and of course I took the chance to skip University the next day, you know, to revisit the kid inside that would fake a sickness to miss school.  
Tuesday morning when I stared in the mirror, something didn't look right, my hair was a mess, my beard was scary and I was looking like...


Isolation is a gift.

Posted by Karam , 22 October 2016 · 116 views

Sometimes when you feel like you are a pile of crap, you just want to be gone, forgotten, alone and not talking to anybody, you feel like you are worthless, and why would anyone besides your parents care about you .. and this feeling sucks; but it is incredibly satisfying.  
Being alone, away from social media, away from friends and loved ones, on...


Blogs are dead, bp.tf is nice. I'm the unknown

Posted by Karam , 19 October 2016 · 147 views

Real life is a real messy asshole-ish fun, so I'm making this blog like a digital personal diary because I don't have any one irl
This will be long and boring, but let me try and re-run the blog section as I see not much interest in this section If someone asks me why am I here writing about my boring life, I would have no realistic answer.  My...


People still know me ?

Posted by Karam , 29 May 2016 · 180 views

To answer the title .. i dont think so tbh .. haven't been here for ages I tried to start writing a diary; paper based or electronical (is this a word?) .. both failed .. so i just like to throw some things here on the internet that i dont think anyone will see or care about yay :D One week from now i will finish my first year in University .. i...



Posted by Karam , 07 December 2015 · 164 views

From the day i moved from my parents home .. life seems to be interesting to say the least I've been away since end of September .. adapting to living with your friends can be a challenge .. a really fun challenge. Cleaning cooking washing the dishes cleaning the toilets mopping the ground .. doesnt seem good on paper but trust me, FUN. Being Arab (a...



Posted by Karam , 30 August 2015 · 257 views

So i moved to Jordan the last week, wether it was me having some tears leaving my mom or my mom talking in the i dont want to cry voice, it was hard, i always treated my mom like my princess/friend the i will joke with at all times and love her more than my wife that i still didnt marry, and because i'm the youngest of 4 and i was the last member in my fa...


Got accepted in University .. Time for life to start

Posted by Karam , 09 August 2015 · 167 views

So i got accepted in Jordan, while it wasn't my plan, I am still really excited, especially that I will be able to live and go to the same university as my childhood friend! I will be attending Civil Engineering, YUY

I always loved Saudi Arabia, i will always love it, it just really fits my way of life.
My Mom is my everything, i love her more than mysel...


University and .... Parents

Posted by Karam , 27 July 2015 · 243 views

I have ton shit of topics i wanted/still want to write, too lazy. Here's a quick one

So the hunt to find a university began when i graduated, and like any arab parent, my parents just really REALLY want me to study where they want me to study because apparently they know everything good in the world.
So my parents were like "oh give admission to all univ...


Getting ready for graduation .. Life is hard when you are the only one in class to have a car

Posted by Karam , 03 June 2015 · 253 views

So graduation is on friday 5th of july .. and being the only dude with a car is pretty darn hard. Karam go get this karam can you please bring that karam come pick me up and we will go together .. enough already ;-;

I have to do the presentation that will be presented .. i have to be the host .. i have to give a speech .. darn the teachers just put too m...

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