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My near overdose on the wee hours of March 30, 2016

Posted by λngelღмander , 30 March 2016 · 476 views

I'll preface this by identifying the drug that I took, but it is important to know that I had no idea what I was on until after I woke up this morning. As I type this, my symptoms are still apparent, but minor compared to last night. During the last few years of my mother's life, she began using a lot of drugs. I won't get into that very deep, but sh...



Posted by λngelღмander , 28 February 2016 · 212 views

You're so beautiful that it hurts to look at you, because I know I'll eventually have to look away.



Posted by λngelღмander , 14 January 2016 · 439 views

This semester in college, I decided to proactively solve my communication difficulties with my peers, with a little bit of social experimentation mixed in. I am pretending to be mute, and I've written "I can't talk" on my right hand, and I flash it at anyone who attempts to talk to me. I told my teachers this beforehand because I realized they might try t...


Vocabulary with Angel - Part Five

Posted by λngelღмander , 01 October 2015 · 292 views

Cursory - quick, hasty
prescient - having the ability to tell the future Hermetic: (of a seal or closure) complete and airtight.


Vocabulary with Angel Part Four

Posted by λngelღмander , 29 July 2015 · 295 views

Maudlin: Excessively sentimental, often tearfully so

Lachrymose: Tearful, sad

apotheosis: the highest point in something, divine ascension

chauvinistic: overly patriotic or supportive of one's own cause, group, or sex, etc.

verboten: forbidden, especially by authority.

vicissitude: sharp change in fortune or circumstance.


Vocabulary with Angel - Part Three

Posted by λngelღмander , 26 June 2015 · 235 views

Reticent- Not revealing ones thoughts or feelings readily

Ruminate: Sort of like pensive, deep thought.

Tumult: Anger

Riotous: Loud

nebulous: hazy, not well formed.

beholden: owing thanks, having a duty to carry out something.


The place

Posted by λngelღмander , 21 June 2015 · 172 views

A visceral wind tore through the night. It's presence was not overlooked by the trees, whose branches and leaves rustled at its delicate touch, tendrils in the night sorting the wind like it were a substance. In the darkness beyond the swaying trees, behind the falling leaves, behind the rustling grass, lie an unmarked building sepulchered in lichen and m...


Love poems

Posted by λngelღмander , 13 June 2015 · 221 views

Just taking a stab at this stuff

Before thee I have nothing to hide
Afront the world's mirror we stand side by side
Tackling together what we could not individually
Life could not corral me into my destiny

I lost my spectacles before gazing upon thee
but your beauty was not marred
The only thing I can remember having lost
was the breath I took befor...


Poetry in motion

Posted by λngelღмander , 12 June 2015 · 220 views

Poetry in motion, so grand a notion
flowing like steam powered locomotion
well greased wheels of the rhapsody
pulled forward, an engine relentless like alimony
take a chained heart and drag it along
tell it to lie, but as always it's all wrong
tears flowing, matter so arbitrary:
wears the soul, Mary so contrary
take a knife to the strings,
Just like a bow...


Vocabulary with Angel - Part three

Posted by λngelღмander , 09 June 2015 · 132 views

Temerity: Audacity

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